the State of Weathering WildStorm

Ok, so I’ve been doing this blog for just about two years now. Sure, you’re right, I’ve only been consistent about it since last October, and that’s fair enough. But here we are, 2 years later, when it has never been a better time to be a WildStorm fan! Woo-hoo! Before we go on with the blog, there are a few things I need to say.

  • Oh jeez, I’ve realized how much of a mess the “Shattered Image” and “New Horizons” sections are! I don’t know what the hell I was thinking! A lot of that just doesn’t work at all! I’m going to spend some time cleaning it up.
  • Speaking of the “Shattered Image” section… well… there’s no way that the “Shattered Image” event could’ve happened. At least not there. We need Pris to still be a WildC.A.T. and for Deathtrap to still be all about that merc lifestyle. That means it would have to take place before “WildStorm Rising.” I think I’m going to have to reluctantly use my rule for cross-overs on it. That rule is “If it adds something, is exceptionally great, or at least doesn’t contradict, find a place for it.” Right now, “Shattered Image” isn’t fitting any of my 3 desired wants for a cross-over.
  • Of course, this brings up what to do with that section? I think I’m going to restructure things a bit. Have what is currently listed as “Shattered Image” go a bit longer than it currently does, leading everything up to “New Horizons,” while the “New Horizons” section is going to be dealing with the newly established status quo of the WSU at that time. But what do I title the now nameless “Part 4?” Suggestions are welcome.
  • There are still a handful of books that are official (read: not cross-over) books that are unaccounted for in the continuity. Tales of possible futures (“Phantom Guard” and “Mostly Wanted”) probably won’t be, sorry. I’ll eventually work in all the “Gen13” stuff too (the Yearbook, 3D special and novels.) I’m still looking for good places to place “Allegra” and “Disavowed” too. I’m also looking forward to the “WildStorm 25th Anniversary” book and finding places for those stories, once it comes out!

Which brings me to the final part of this entry, what do you, the reader, want to see from this blog? Continuing to do the compare and contrasts of the original WSU to what we’re presented with in “the Wild Storm” has been a lot of fun, and was totally continued due to a request and support from readers. I really do care what you have to say! So, yeah, what do you think, sirs?

If you have nothing much to suggest, at least answer this poll:

8 thoughts on “the State of Weathering WildStorm”

  1. Thanks for your time and effort into this, as a fan, and as someone who used this as a resource for custom binding collections, cheers mate!

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    1. Oh man Angel, I’d love to see those! I hope I didn’t steer you wrong! I swear, I’m always tinkering and making tiny changes here and there! I hope I haven’t screwed up any of your personal collections!

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  2. Maybe you could replace Shattered Image as the centerpiece of Section 4 with World War 3, the crossover arc with Marvel’s Heroes Reborn? It was done under WS’ editorial guidance, so I’d consider it canon.

    Also, you should see if Mars Attacks Image can fit into the canon.

    I’m thinking a handy feature on this site would be “Honorable Mentions”, detailing crossovers and other stories involving WSU characters that can’t fit into continuity and why.

    Also, what’s “Mostly Wanted”?

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    1. I’ll have to grab copies of “Mars Attacks Image” and “World War III” to check them out!

      “Mostly Wanted” was a book by Scott Lobdell & Roberto Flores from WildStorm in 2000. It was set in the future and started two women on the lam in a sci-fi setting. If I recall there’s a specific mention of the planet Daemon in the text. I haven’t reread it in a long time.

      I have been thinking of a section called “Other Stories from the Bleed” that don’t fit anywhere, contradict a lot of other releases in the main books or just fun one-offs. When I’d get the time to cover them, I’m not sure!


      1. I like the idea, especially if you would point out connections and contradiction to the established canon.

        And btw kudos for the great work you do, I’m enormously happy to finally see a good, reliable webpage dedicated to my favorite comics universe 🙂

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  3. My vote is to merge the two lists and make them go longer to New Horizons. I’m not sure World War 3 would be an appropriate centrepiece as it had no real bearing on the WSU proper. I think Deathblow may have been the only character not “amalgamed” in the event? I’d also love to see crossovers added in, if only from the timeline perspective of the Wildstorm characters. Issues of Brigade, Badrock & Co, Shadowhawk etc. that guest starred WSU characters might also get a mention. With the future stories, how about a seperate section for “possible future stories”?Lastly, and a tiny thing, not sure if Wynona Earp should be included in your WSU chronology. Read it the other day and although in the back pages it seems to be eluded that editorial may have had plans to set it in the WSU, nothing is indicated in the published story that it is, and the series was picked up and continued by other publishers later on. That’s all for the moment! Absolutely love your work Bryan, don’t give up!!

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    1. I’ve thought of merging the “Shattered Image” and “New Horizons”, but it feels a bit off for some reason. I’ve started to think about renaming “Shattered Image” to “New Horizons”, and renaming “New Horizons” to “the Fall of SkyWatch/Slipstream” as that section currently ends with the big DV8/Gen13 “Slipstream” crossover and the “WildCATs/Alien” crossover as well as the final issues of “WildCATs” Vol. 1 and “StormWatch” Vol. 2. We also have “StormWatch” Vol. 2 issue 11 leaving us with a tease of the upcoming first volume of “the Authority” which seems like a big turning point in the WSU a pretty good point to end that chapter of the continuity on.

      One of the main problems with me covering all the crossovers is that I just don’t have them! I usually have, or have access to just the main books. It’s even been a trouble to hunt down one shots and annuals of the main books! I usually read the crossover books that interest me, and if I think I can find a place, I try.

      Ah “Wynona Earp” I do have trouble keeping this book in, and yeah, in the back pages, it does seem like it was leading to a deeper tie-in. Currently, within the text there’s a mention of the Blood Queen and the wider connections do kind of end there. Still kinda undecided on that book.


  4. Hey, I just think it’s wonderful that you have this blog and the passion for it! I think you’re doing just fine to be honest. A post a week can get to be a lot sometimes, so I’d be fine even if it were once a month or every other week. For me personally, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to do everything I want anyhow. Right now all I manage to do is the monthly Meanderings for the main Wild Storm book, so I really salute you!

    I also love that you’re doing these comparisons with the new Wild Storm ofcourse. And thank you for referencing me once in a while, I really appreciate it! I love how we have this community. Oh, and feel free to post your posts on the Wildstorm Universe group on Facebook. It’s for all of us!

    Keep up the great work!

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