WSU vs. The Wild Storm 7

The Wild Storm (2017-) 007-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board for what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out earlier this week.


New vs. Old

John Colt
JohnColt-tWSJohnColt_WSUWe finally meet the John that was referred to a few issues ago, and it is indeed John Colt. In the old WildStorm Universe, John Colt AKA Yohn Khol was an adventurer back in the ’30s. He eventually died in the ’60s at the hands of Mr. Majestic. Actually… sigh… he didn’t, he just turned bastard and then had to be killed for real. He was also an alien from Khera. The WildC.A.T. member Spartan/Hadrian was an android based on John Colt memories, personality and look. The new John Colt is not a robot and really seems to enjoy the finer things in life in addition to being the systems guy on Jacob Marlowe’s wild covert action team. He is alien like Jacob and Kanesha, which is why Angela doesn’t trust him.

Jackie King / Jackson King
JackieKingJacksonKingAlright, we finally know the name of Craven’s assistant! I thought it was Alicia Masters at first, and then joked it could be a gender-flipped version of a character from the old WSU. Well, I didn’t hit on who it was because I was only thinking I.O. employees. So yup, Jackie King is the new version of Jackson King, who was the leader of the StormWatch field team. They don’t have too much in common past the name for now, I mean other than heading up large groups of people. Jackson had mental powers and was pretty buff, Jackie doesn’t seem to exhibit any superpowers and looks to be built like an average human. Maybe there will be more similarities down the line, who knows, I’m up for it!

Mitchell Saunders / Cannon
Mitchell_tWSCannon_WSUAlright, I can’t believe I missed this one! Carl K. Li of CKRR Lives pointed it out! I knew the first name Mitch was shared with Cannon, but I didn’t think his last name was Saunders. So yeah in the old WildStorm Cannon was, like Jackson, a member of StormWatch. He was kind of a hothead and one of the few other Americans in the book. He worked just below Jackson and was the leader of the backup StormWatch team. Here, the new version of Mitchell seems to be quite happy working for Jackie and they have a more friendly relationship. But I should’ve known that it was the new version of Cannon just based on the stupid haircut alone.

Hightower-tWSHightower-WSUHightower was the name of a black site for I.O. that John was embedded in as part of his mission. In the old WSU it was the name of a WildC.A.T.s villain. Just a name drop, that may or may not have been intentional.

New and What We Don’t Know

Crashed Ship/Housing Structure
HouseShipNot sure what this is, if it some kind of alien housing structure or if it is the crashed ship much like the one that brought Jacob and pals to Earth in the first place. Judging by the dual suns this isn’t Earth, but maybe the ship that stranded the Kera crew someplace else before they moved on to Earth.

Ring World
RingWorldWe get a view of some kind of, I guess, ring-shaped world. It may be falling apart. This is a memory of Jacob’s. This may or may not be his home planet, but it is an interesting detail.

AliensWe’ve established that there are two sets of aliens on Earth, Kera and Daemons. What we see when Jacob is getting ready to explain his backstory to Angela looks like neither of them. Once again, another interesting detail.

Voodoo’s Stalker
DailyPlanetHeadlineI don’t think that I noticed that Pris had a stalker these last few issues, though I could be wrong. Apparently, she did, and it looks like that stalker was shot according to Adri’s newspaper.


Cole and Jacob’s Antagonism
AntagonizeIn the early issues of “WildC.A.T.s” in the old WildStorm Universe, Cole and Marlowe had a pretty antagonistic, yet playful relationship. What with Cole always calling Marlowe “little buddy” and such. It seems like that relationship is intact with Cole flipping Jacob the bird while razzing him with a smile.

DCU Connections

Streaky (the Super Cat)
Not a big one, but Jackie has an orange cat named Streaky, much like the superpowered cat from the DCU. Wait, what’s a cat doing in this book? Did Grant Morrison guest write this issue?

The Daily Planet
Yeah, Adri’s reading a copy of the Daily Planet. Which I guess is based out of NYC and not Metropolis because there as far as we know isn’t a Metropolis in “the Wild Storm” (but there is an NYC in the DCU… but no one really talks about it. Sad little DCU NYC.)

One Last Thing
The most relatable comics panel in all of 2017, mark my words.

Streaky is indeed history’s greatest monster!

More issue comparisons of the old WildStorm Universe to “The Wild Storm.”


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