“Fire from Heaven” Prelude

This entry covers “Fire from Heaven” issue 1/2 and the “Fire from Heaven” Prelude parts 1 through 3, which include “Sword of Damocles” issue 1, “Sigma” issue 1 and “Deathblow” volume one issue 26 by Johnathan Peterson, Warren Ellis, Brandon Choi, Tom Joyner, Randy Green, Tomm Coker, J.J. Kirby, Ryan Odagawa, Mel Rubi, Danny Bulanadi, Bob Wiacek, John Tighe, Mark Irwin, Richard Friend, Troy Hubbs and Trevor Scott.

firefromheaven_halfTime for the great big never-ending WildStorm crossover known as Fire from Heaven! This crossover is long… very long! Fourteen official chapters, a three issue prelude, a three issue finale, an almost unconnected preview type issue and an unofficial coda in “Deathblow” volume one issue 29. For those keeping count, reading the full story is 21 and a half issues of comics. That’s a LOT of story, so let’s get into the “Prelude” to it all, starting with that weird half issue I mentioned above.

We open on our first of four short stories in this half issue with Kaizen Gamorra admiring the major city of Gamorra, known as Zodome. Turns out Kaizen has no time to lollygag, as there’s science trouble down in the Gen-Lab. Kaizen has his scientists working on Gen-Active individuals, trying to figure out what makes them tick. But, for the final test, of the undefined goal, the latest Gen-Active guinea pig explodes. Leaving Kaizen upset and down a few scientists.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific Ocean in Berkley, CA, we encounter a pickup game of basketball. We have four kids playing with only one of them named. I’m pretty sure one of them is supposed Ethan McCain, who we saw in a page of “Gen13”. The guy who I think is Ethan sinks a three pointer by unknowingly using his powers and we move on to our next short story.

StormWatch is getting set up with all the military hardware they can think of! Every nation on the globe is willing to sink more personnel and weaponry into the StormWatch program. Good for Bendix, but will it be good for everyone else? We also check in on the moon based StormWatch members! Yay, looks like the StormWatch moon base got rebuilt after Argos wrecked it!


The final story before we get to the “Prelude” proper is introducing our big-bads for the crossover. They are Damocles and The Sword. A bunch of mercenary bounty hunters (unrelated to The Mercs, but kinda related to The Bountyhunters) has found an Earth in an alternate dimension. The kind that both The Sword and his master Damocles have been asking about. This pleases Damocles, for now, he has found his next target! Oh yeah, this Earth is the WildStorm Earth, if you didn’t see where this was going, I really can’t help you.

thesword_001It’s time for us to better get to know these villains! First, we see The Sword and he’s got company. These four are a bit familiar to us, they’re The Bountyhunters that faced off with Gen13 a few issues ago. They’re there letting him know they failed to get the Qeelocke. It’s a big deal. The Sword’s boss Damocles needs easier ways to hop from dimension to dimension, and a Qeelocke would be much more effective. Currently, only The Sword can easily skip around from universe to universe, the other means of transfer gates personally offend Damocles and thus are only to be used sparingly.

Damocles lets The Sword and the Bountyhunters know that on the latest new Earth that they’ve found, there are creatures with Gen-Factor. That mean only one thing, there’s a representation of Damocles’ greatest enemy there; Sigma. Sigma apparently destroyed the world, as well as Damocles’ family. Damocles isn’t sure if they’ve found a different version of Sigma, or if it is the same Sigma that ruined everything for him. He tells The Sword to forget the Qeelocke, go to this new world and find Sigma.

The Sword and The Bountyhunters wind up in Gamorra following on a Gen-Factor hunt. You see, after another failed Gen-Factor science mishap, this time a clone of Sigma, Kaizen has unwittingly sent up a telltale sign to The Sword that Gen-Factor shenanigans are going on over here. The crew Sword-ports to Gamorra and confronts him. Kaizen, ever the smoothy, tells The Sword to learn more about the Gen-Factor that he needs to hunt down our old pal Dr. Tsung in San Francisco and bring him back to Gamorra. Oh, also, before that, Kaizen recommends that The Sword take out Winter in NYC. Kaizen lets The Sword know that Winter is the only real threat he’d have on this planet, so it’s best to get him out of the way first.

You little stinker Kaizen! You’ve got quite the double cross going on here.

In a crazy turn of events, The Sword was able to take down Winter. That’s not good! Now he’s on his way to meet up with the rest of The Bountyhunters and their raid on Dr. Tsung’s house. Oh man, is this fake plan actually working for them?

sigma_001Okay, rewind back to before The Sword and pals are busting through the side of Dr. Tsung’s house. We meet Ethan McCain and he is having a hell of a day at college. Spilling acid on himself, contemplating joining a frat and watching the gal he has a crush on hanging out with a bigger oafish guy. All that and he’s being followed by some secret agent chick.

Once he gets back at home Ethan is involved in some kind of VR experiment with his adoptive dad. That dad just happens to be Dr. Tsung! Whaaaaa? I guess these are some kind of tests to open up Ethan’s Gen-Factor potential, but I’m really not sure. Dr. Tsung has also been pulling visuals from his nightmares to plug into the VR environment to test Ethan. One of these enemy combatants looks an awful lot like Damocles! Just as the test ends Dr. Tsung’s house is invaded by a bunch of Hunter-Killers sent by Kaizen. Ethan reacts on instinct and manages to fire some kind of multi-phasic energy blast! It works! Ethan has real powers! And it might be enough to take out some HKs, but suddenly he’s staring down The Sword and he knows things are only going to get harder!

deathblow_v1_026There’s really no time to worry for Ethan and Dr. Tsung as Team 7 arrives with Gen13 to try and even the odds/save the day. Oh, don’t forget that secret agent chick, too! Her name is Maggie Monroe and she’s there to protect Ethan and the doc. In a case of too little, too late The Sword manages to capture Dr. Tsung and the Bountyhunters nab Qeelocke and then ‘port back to Gamorra. Roxy jumps into the portal to save Qeelocke and ends up in Gamorra with Dr. Tsung and most of the bad guys for this arc. We also find out that Maggie was hired by Cray’s father to always watch out for and protect Dr. Tsung and Ethan as long as Miles Craven lives. With Craven dead, she thinks she’s out of a job, but after what she’s seen, she knows she needs to team up with this group of near strangers to save Dr. Tsung from Kaizen.

Back in Gamorra, Kaizen lets it slip to LeGauche that he’s planning to bring Craven back to life. Also, he contracts LeGauche to do a job for him while he’s in between masters. LeGauche teams up with Minotaur and his goons to murder a handful of United Nations members while they’re touring Zodome. The idea is to frame the rebels, such as Cybernary and her group, and have StormWatch come to Gamorra to protect Kaizen from anyone that could stop him from his ultimate goal of creating a Gen-Omega!


Continuity Corner:

  • “Fire from Heaven” issue 1/2 might be able to have been read between issues 24 and 25 of “Deathblow” volume one. The science “accident” Kaizen had could account for the break in the connection that Craven experienced.
  • Man, that basketball scene in “Fire from Heaven” 1/2… Like I said, I’m pretty sure the blond kid is Ethan but you wouldn’t know it from the art or the fact and no one calls him by his name. Seriously, the only person named is the redhead girl, Laurie. Also, I think the woman that gets hit by the basketball is the secret agent Maggie Monroe who was hired to follow and protect Ethan, despite her looking nothing like what we see in “Sigma” issue 1.
  • We see Team 7 and Gen13 in “Sigma” issue 1, they’re on a plane that is called “a commandeered I/O stealth transport.” Later we’ll come to find that the jet wasn’t procured from I/O, it was taken from the WildC.A.T.s by Cole. That doesn’t keep it from being a plane that was built by I/O as we all know that Jacob had access to that kind of stuff. At least I think that’s what’s happening in “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue 29. Either that or no one told Alan at the time where Cole was supposed to be and he wrote that before he was informed and then wrote “Fire from Heaven” issue 1.

NEXT: “Fire from Heaven” issue 1, “Backlash” issue 19 and “Gen13” volume two issue 10 by Alan Moore, Sean Ruffner, Brett Booth, Brandon Choi, J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, Ryan Odagawa, Chuck Gibson, Richard Friend, Mark Irwin, Mark Pennington, Alex Garner, JD, Tom McWeeney and Scott Williams

3 thoughts on ““Fire from Heaven” Prelude”

  1. We finally get started. The blog really opened my eyes to the number of preludes this really had, as the Team 7 plot had been building up for quite some time.

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  2. Not sure if you covered this explicitly, but there’s actually a “forgotten” (because it wasn’t hyped as much?) Wildstorm crossover event which was just as big as Fire From Heaven. It was called Brothers In Arms. Here is text from Deathblow #26 describing it:
    “Brothers-in-Arms” went over very big with most of the readers. But it seems as though the question that is still on the minds of a lot of you out there regards how the story, with its myriad of guest-stars, affected the continuity of other Wildstorm titles. Well, as the saying goes, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. And here it is:

    Gen13 #3-5
    Deathblow #20
    Deathblow #21
    Gen13 #6-7
    WetWorks #14
    Deathblow #22
    Backlash #14
    Grifter #10
    Gen13 #8-9
    Deathblow #23
    WetWorks #15
    Backlash #15-16
    Stormwatch #34
    Backlash #17-18
    Deathblow #24
    WildCATs #25


    1. I once almost made a post directly about this page because I do get questions on in frequently. There are some major and minor problems with it. The most major is that in the text of each book “Gen13” 3 – 7 all happens before “Deathblow” 20 & 21. The kids when right from Coda Island to Rome to America where they then meet Alicia and Cray. That’s the big one. After that it’s just kind of minor things that probably didn’t stand out at the time, but with the convenience of hindsight we can better streamline. Things like the phone call Lynch gets in issue 9 of “Gen13” saying that all the Cray, Cash, Slayton and Dane are all back together to take on Craven, coming before “Deathblow” 23 where they haven’t even talked to Cash yet, and the book ends with Cray and Dane telling Slayton that they’ll call him when they’re going to go after Craven. Also, it says that “WildCATs” #25 and “Deathblow” #24 happen at the same time, I found that the “WildCATs” issue works better after “Deathblow” #25 with all the Team 7 members blowing off steam at Clark’s after killing Craven and getting ready to go to Gamorra, and explains why Cray and Cash aren’t waving down Lynch or Grunge in the bar.

      It works a bit better like this (with a few more Team 7 books added):
      “Gen13” Vol. 2 issues 3 – 5
      “Lynch” issue 1
      “Gen13” Vol. 2 issues 6 – 7
      “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issues 20 – 21
      “Wetworks” Vol. 1 issue 14 (main story)
      “Wetworks” Vol. 1 issue 15
      “Wetworks” Vol. 1 issue 14 (Fieldtest / Fire From Heaven Prelude)
      “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issue 22
      “Grifter” Vol. 1 issues 7 – 10
      “Backlash” issues 12 – 14
      “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issue 23
      “Backlash” issues 15 – 16
      “Grifter” Vol. 2 issue 1
      “StormWatch” Vol. 1 issue 34 (pages 1 – 18)
      “Backlash” issues 17 – 18
      “StormWatch” Vol. 1 issue 34 (pages 19 – 23)
      “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issue 24 (pages 1 – 17)
      “Gen13” Vol. 2 issues 8 – 9
      “Brass” Vol. 1 issues 1 – 3
      “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issue 24 (pages 18 – 23)
      “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issue 25
      “WildC.A.T.s” Vol. 1 issues 25

      But like I said, the luxury of doing this 20yrs later, they were flying by the seat of their pants trying to make sure that everyone had all the relevant information they needed going into “Fire from Heaven”!


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