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WSU vs. the Wild Storm 22, 23 & 24

I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the last set of issues of “the Wild Storm” that came out last year.

New vs. Old
Battalion / Jackie King & the Battalion Device

BattalionDeviceWe finally have Jackie King and the word “Battalion” used together. After using the device that Angie called “Scary AF” to take out Santini she calls it the “Battalion Device” and that’s as close to that code name as she’ll get.

New & What we don’t Know
OK, sure there shouldn’t be too much that we don’t know to come at us in these final issues. But there is one thing to think on: Did the Daemon also have creatures like Jenny Mei Sparks in the Bleed to protect it from the Khera? I only say that because these two panels mirror each other.


The mission of the Khera is to get to a higher/better dimension where life isn’t so cold and brutal, why haven’t they used Bleed Space to get there? This might be the reason, but we’ll never know for sure.

Apollo & Midnighter’s Real Names
While they find out their names before their Skywatch code names, they both decide they like the code names better, which cracked me up.

Terrance’s Kindness Saves Him

It’s a small moment, but because of the kindness extended to Angie in issue 1, she makes sure that I.O. gets Terrance out of NYC safe and sound.

So Much Death
Santini, Slayton, Cray, Craven, Skywatch powered beings and various Skywatch & I.O. employees. Frankly, I’m surprised that Ivana gets away with only being arrested.

Skywatch & I.O. are both publically known
In both the ultimate revenge by Jenny and Angie, Skywatch can be seen and tracked, and files about I.O. have been uploaded to the internet. There is now no longer a secret power struggle on Earth between the two entities. With Jackie in charge of I.O. and Henry too paranoid now that he can be seen, who knows what will go on between the two, but for the most part, they are partially neutered.

DCU Connections
There’s mention of the Daily Planet again… every time it comes up and I don’t point that out again, someone does in the comments…

A Few Last Things

I sometimes forget how hilarious Ellis can be… and then we get this page. I miss him writing any version of Midnighter & Jenny.

And I can’t leave without saying how much I enjoyed Jon Davis-Hunts’ version of John Lynch. This panel in particular cracked me up simply because of the art.


Final Thoughts
I’m always going to hate that the WildCats characters got written out of the ending. This feels pretty clear to me, and why not, they were to set to get their own 6 issue series to hopefully put a bow on their part of the overall story… but that’s just not happening. I would’ve loved for this to officially launch some sort of new Wild Storm universe. One where we’d get a 6 issue miniseries at lease once a year or more, either written by Ellis or guided by him. I still liked how “Cray” turned out and was really looking forward to whatever the “Zealot” title would be like. Not getting “WildCats” just seems like such a bummer, and a waste because we didn’t see them in the climax of “The Wild Storm!” I mean, yeah, in my heart of hearts I want to see this new version of the Authority with Ellis and Davis-Hunt on it, I want to see a Gen13 book with Lynch & Steven Rainmaker hunting down the kids and maybe a few teenage Gen13 style hijinks. But not getting “WildCats” stings, because I really loved this new take on the universe and even without my wishlist books, it seems lacking without that final miniseries. Are there a handful of unanswered questions? Sure, but not seeing Cole, Kanesha, John, and Adri in the three issues was a shame.

But ultimately, I have to commend Warren and Jon on a memorable and fantastic series that I thoroughly loved from start to finish! Thank you, sirs! And also all the rest of the crew like Steve Buccellato, Brian Buccellato, Ivan Plascenia, John Kalisz, and Simon Bowland that brought this series to life!

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The Wild Storm 021-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the latest issues of “the Wild Storm” that came out a few weeks ago.


New vs. Old

Angie’s Communication Nodes
AuthorityComms_tWSIn the old WSU Angie created communication nodes for each member of the Authority so they could easily connect to each other telepathically. We see her doing this again, but only with Shen. We already know that she can communicate by thought with Jenny too. I wonder if Shen and Jenny can share thoughts now too. Also, these new communication nodes look a lot less sinister than the old ones!

New and What We Don’t Know

What did Jackie Find that was “Scary A.F.”?
ScaryAFIn Jackie’s search for how Angie confiscated classified objects from I.O., she comes across a small round swirly disc that Angie had labeled as “Scary A.F.” Jackie seems to get a reading on the scanner for this and looks alarmed. Unfortunately, we the reader are not let in on exactly what it was.

Who Exactly is Ivana Talking To?
IvanaTurncoatSeveral issues ago I wasn’t sure if the person on the phone with Ivana would play into anything, or they were just there for some expository dialogue. Now we know for sure, she’s talking to another major player… but we still don’t know who it is! My bets are on Ragnar Helspont at Skywatch… maybe Sideways Bob.


How Angie Snuck Her Research Out of I.O.
In rummaging around in one of I.O.’s many storage rooms, we see Jackie King holding something that looks like a bone. Then it goes all, I don’t know, pedal-y or something, and her scanner can’t recognize what it is. I’m also not sure exactly what it is… at first I thought it might be the bone of a dead Khera, but it could be something disguised as a bone… not sure. The later may explain more how Angie used that kind of tech to get stuff out of I.O. though.

Jenny Putting it All Together

If you haven’t been paying any attention to the series as a whole, Jenny just lays out exactly what is going on:

One Last Thing

Ben Santini’s Big Day Out

He really does seem like such a lovable guy, right up until he is sharpening his blades and looking a picture of Jackie King.

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WSU vs. the Wild Storm 19 & 20

I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the latest issues of “the Wild Storm” that came out a few weeks ago.

New vs Old


Apollo-tWSApollo-WSUAs we all assumed, the mystery duo was indeed Midnighter and Apollo, but yeah there are some twists on these old favorites. With Apollo, he’s still a sun-god type, he’s still in a relationship with Midnighter, and he’s still the more positive one of the two. The biggest change is his hair color. Gone are the platinum blond locks, but hey, he still has that solar halo!

Midnighter-tWSMidnighter-WSUThe new Midnighter may or may not have the same power as the WSU version. Yeah, we see him say “I won this fight the second I looked at you” which is reminiscent of how Midnighter would quickly size up an opponent and fight them a million times in his state of the art computer brain to know exactly how to beat them.

AbsolutlyNotChrisTrent-tWSChrisTrent-WSUWe don’t know if this Midnighter has those computer upgrades, but I think it is safe to assume he does. In and out of the mask is also a big change for various reasons. Either way, he still feels like the Midnighter that Ellis used to write way back in The Authority and StormWatch.

Ben Santini
Santini-WSUAfter being name-checked in issue 4, Santini makes his way to The Wild Storm. Much like the former version he’s working for I.O. Also, he’s visibly injured. The old WSU version had a bum leg thanks to Emp, so it’ll be interesting if we find that this version of Santini gained his scars due to a run in (unknowingly or not) with Jacob. This new version of Santini seems to be a lot more of a bastard than the former one though.

Shaper Engine / Planet Shapers
In The Wild Storm, the Shaper Engine is what the Daemon uses to create beings, like Jenny Mei Sparks, that will help guide humanity past the Gaian Bottleneck but also keep the Khera in line. In the old WSU, we also had Shaper machines, they were Kheran and much different, more a terra-forming thing than a life creating machine that was left on Earth by the Kheran Shapers Guild. I only mention it because I don’t think the name “Shaper Engine” was used coincidentally.

Earth Post Khera Occupation / Alternate Earth the Four Visited
One of the former doctors shows Shen what Earth would look like once the Khera are done with it. It looks a lot like what that alternate Earth looked like that the Four visited in “Planetary” where they got their powers.

New and What We Don’t Know

All of Jenny’s History
We’re starting to get some glimpses into Jenny’s history, but there is still so much we don’t know. We have a good idea on what happened in 1952 (the Radar Men) and then she spent time with Orson Wells, Rita Hayworth, and Albert Hoffman before going to Mars in 1955. We know there’s so much more there and I can’t wait to read more of it!

Skywatch Abduction?
Apollo is watching a video with a man talking of an entire town being abducted. While Midnighter thinks this might be a bit brazen for Skywatch, he doesn’t rule out that Skywatch would kidnap an entire small town.


Mission on Mars in 1955
Skywatch’s mission was to start making Mars habitable. They did have to build underground facilities as to not freak out the common man though. It was step one of a multi-step plan that Bendix hasn’t been able to fully enact due to the treaties Skywatch has with I.O.

The True Mission of the Khera
The mission was to find a planet full of people, which is hard in this universe, and get them to be a slave species to help get the Khera to a better, more hospitable universe.

Jacob’s Goals
We know that Jacob was trying to lift humanity up, but now we know why, he eventually did not believe that humans should be slaves to the Khera. He wanted them to be more of a companion species to share the galaxy with! Now he’s using Khera tech to aid humanity and move them both, further along, to get past the Gaian Bottleneck. He either wants us all to go back into space and share our galaxy or just wants continue the great work on Earth to the better universe with him and the Khera.

Seemingly Unaffiliated Khera
The don’t agree with Jacob’s scrubbing of the mission to enslave Earth. Many of them seem to feel stranded on the Earth with nothing better to do. Without enough Khera working to get humanity enslaved to get to the next universe, they might as well make the best of a bad situation and get drunk at LA bars. These Khera has often dropped their disguise and are the inspiration of many religions.

The Daemon’s Goals
The goal of the Daemon is just to stop the Khera. The Daemon preceded the Khera to Earth and set up the shaper engine to create versions of humans to thwart a Khera take over. The Daemon does not want to see humanity used as slaves by the Khera and it also tries to influence humanity in other ways, as we can see with Pris.

The Daemon and the Khera
The Khera used to call the Daemon “the Other” which makes me think that the Daemon is the only other possible alien race that the Khera have tried to use in the way they were originally sent to Earth to use. The Daemon will do anything to help Earth and piss off the Khera, but it’s more out of bringing a universal balance. The Khera using other species is a big no-go for the Daemon.

Lucy and the word “Code”

Picture of Lucy, the word “code” and a mention of religions. This is the third time. I think this is leading to a “Coda” revelation. Or it’ll be called “Code A” or something in this new universe.

DCU Connections

Infinite Crisis, Central City & Darkseid

In the world of The Wild Storm, we once again find DCU lore used as entertainment. This time it is a movie named “Infinite Crisis” named after the big DCU crossover event from ’05-’06, a mention of Central City from that film, which in the DCU is where the Silver Age Flash lived, and finally Darkseid, the antagonist of the “Infinite Crisis” film named after one of the DCU’s greatest evildoers.

Earth Post Khera Occupation / Apokolips
You know how earlier I said that Earth Post-Khera would look like that alternate Earth in Planetary… well both are actually a reference to the planet Apokolips created by Jack Kirby. Thank you to the handful of readers that pointed this out!

Previously mentioned but featured again: News organizations GBS and the Daily Planet, Wonder Woman bedsheets, Dr. Midnite cigarettes, and the “Paul Kirk: Manhunter” movie series.

One Last Thing

The more we go on in this book, the more and more we are breaking out of the 9 panel/3rd page layouts and even seeing the white border/gutter color change or being dropped altogether.

Jon Goes Crazy
Just try to tell me this doesn’t remind you of old skool Image!

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WSU vs. the Wild Storm 18

The Wild Storm 18I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out a week ago. 


New vs. Old

Seemingly Unaffiliated Khera
So we see two Khera at an outdoor bar in Los Angeles. They look to be in their native forms, and can also, either naturally or via some unseen tech, fly under the radar of everyone around them. I mean they are able to be seen and heard enough to order drinks it seems, but other than that they are hidden. These two remind me a lot of the Wild Storm version of John Cole in that they’re trying to enjoy the finer things Earth has to offer, but unlike him, they don’t work for or with Jacob anymore. Interesting. In the old WSU we didn’t meet many Kherubims who hid from Emp and the other WildC.A.T.s. Some of them didn’t join up right away (Majestros, Mythos & Eve,) others antagonized them (Promethos), but mostly there wasn’t any Kherubim hiding in the fringes avoiding Emp and Co while trying to save the Earth in their own way.

New and What We Don’t Know

Slayton’s New Mission
Lynch has pointed Slayton at I.O. in New York. Not sure how this is going to play out. Back in the old WSU Lynch never seemed to have this much authority over Slayton. How will Slayton pull off his new mission to kill Miles, I’ve very curious to see this one!

Ella on the Train
EllaBlackBetty.jpgWho is this woman on the train that Michael is speaking to? Is she going to be a major or minor player? Or just a single serving friend for Michael as he passes the time on the train. I really don’t think it’s a new version of the old WSU character Elizabeth Rowan AKA Black Betty from “StormWatch PHD” but I could be wrong. She’s the only old WSU character that I could think of that could go by “Ella” for short.

Drunk Kheras Motivation
Back to those two vodka swilling Khera in LA. The motivations of these two remain a mystery. They want the Earth to survive to have a chance at life. They are also trying to balance the Khera influence between Jacob’s “The Earth will not be a slave camp” and Lucy’s “Die in a fire, buddy!” sides as well as from I.O. and Skywatch. Is the only reason they want life on Earth to be safe is for the possibility of a slave planet? Other than anti-Jacob, what are Lucy’s true plans and motivation? Do those Khera just hate her because she’s working with the humans, even if towards the same goal?


King Giving Shit to Craven
I don’t know about the rest of you, but man, didn’t Jackie King just sound so much like Jackson King in these first two pages? When Jackie is being light-hearted she’s a lot different than the former WSU version of Jackson King, but when they get mad when they want results, and when they get angry, oh yeah, that’s the J. King I remember! Wasn’t sure where we were going with this character, but oh man, is she ever a new version of Jackson King!

Dr. Ragnar Helspont
This dude looks pretty human to me! It remains to be seen if he’s Daemon, Khera or possibly Acurian posing as a human as we’ve seen the Khera being able to do. Although we do know that Dr. Helspont has helped in the creation of some of Skywatch’s superpowered “agents.” And we’ve seen the Mayor/Hawksmoor lament that he may just be an upgraded human, made to be able to live on a slave camp of a planet… hmmm… slave camp planet, eh? Where have we heard that before? Signs are pointing to Ragnar being Khera, wanting to fulfill the original Khera plan on Earth, and using Bendix and Skywatch to achieve those ends.

At least his hair is pretty wild.

“Heaven’s Box” is Skywatch
I mean, I should’ve guessed this, but hey, I’m only willing to make so many crazy leaps in logic per write up!

Superpowered Skywatch Agents on Earth
So we now kind of know the answer to several characters we’ve found in the past several issues. The diner kid, Slayton’s Skywatch victim, the (ahem) mystery duo and the Mayor are all people that Skywatch has given powers to in one way or another of the course of several years. Bendix has them run around on Earth so that they can’t get at him easily. Maybe that’s another reason that he doesn’t like being stuck on Earth for too long.

Michael Cray’s Khera Implant Activation
Well, I wasn’t expecting an answer on Michael’s Khera Implant so soon, but yeah, it seems like he was implanted by I.O. way back under Dr. Helspont. The crazy doc seems to think that it was Jacob’s spur that finally jumpstarted the Khera awake inside Michael. Looking at the “Michael Cray” comic I guess we can put together that when he was at injured “in the desert” and being patched up by I.O. is when he got the Khera DNA implant.

Something is Indeed Different about Lynch
Andrew Kwok said it first, that Lynch’s brain was weird. Now Slayton is saying that something smells wrong about Lynch. We’ve yet to see Lynch exhibit any superpowers, just a lot of cowboy/action hero badassery!

The Halo C.A.T. is Headed Out on a Mission

While we don’t see where they’re going, we get a pretty great page of the team heading out to keep more crazy technology out of I.O.’s hands. The last panel just feels like vintage WildC.A.T.s to me. I’m not sure who all will agree with me on that, but damn, that panel is the type of stuff that would get me excited about a comic in only the way WildC.A.T.s could.

The Authority is Here!

Angie has left the Halo team and joined up with Jenny, Shen and the Mayor. I also like how Angie calls Hawksmoor on looking way too much like the Mayor… A cleaned up Hawksmoor can’t change his look too terribly much. Also, nice to know that Angie knew the Mayor!

Lucy’s Rejection of Jacob
We learn from the Khera at the bar that Jacob didn’t want to go through with the original plan of turning Earth into a slave camp. We don’t know exactly why Jacob made that choice. We also don’t really know why this choice pissed off Lucy so damn much. So yeah, we kind of get closer on figuring out what Jacob didn’t tell Angie several issues ago, but there’s still so much more to learn.

One Last Thing

A bit ago I said that the new version of John Lynch reminded me a lot of Sam Elliot. After a few issues of thinking this, I went straight to the source. Here’s what artist Jon Davis-Hunt had to say:

And that’s a wrap on the third story arc! We pretty much have the Authority together, Michael Cray re-entered the narrative, we have the WildC.A.T.s going on missions and getting the Gen13 kids together seems to be on John Lynch’s mind. “The Wild Storm” is such a good set-up book! I hope the final arc ties it all together. I hope we get those spin-offs for Lucy, the WildC.A.T.s and the Authority. Hell, it’s been plenty set up, get me a Gen13 book! Once again, I enjoyed the hell out of it, hope you did too!

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WSU vs. Michael Cray 10, 11 & 12

I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing, and frankly, looking at the view numbers, you readers do too! Admittedly, I have no idea where Hill, Harris, and Ellis are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what this team is bringing. I just thought I’d go over the final few issues of “Michael Cray.”

New vs. Old

The Khera inside Michael
MikesKheraThis was covered a bit my coverage of the main “the Wild Storm” book, but what has been talking to Michael, and what is indeed in his head is Khera. They are totally different than the Kherubim from the old WSU, these are shapeshifters that can take on a human look, but here we see one that is “naked.” Also, as laid out in “the Wild Storm” is the fact that there are I.O. soldiers that were part of Project Thunderbook that have been given grafts of Khera DNA, resulting in powers and seeing or hearing the Khera talk to them. That’s what we’re seeing represented.

New and What We Don’t Know

How exactly the Khera got inside Michael
The Khera claims that he got inside Michael because Michael was “close” when he needed someone, and Michael was a severely injured “disposable” soldier. While this doesn’t exactly track with the other folks we’ve met over in “the Wild Storm” that have some Khera DNA in them, we can make a few inferences. We do see Michael entering some kind of surgery at the hands of the military. I suspect Michael was working for I.O. in some kind of capacity. While we have no idea how long ago this was, it would seem to me that it is post-Lynch running I.O. and Project Thunderbook would be officially closed. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way that there wasn’t some Khera DNA still about and somehow got used on Michael. Maybe it was the nefarious Dr. Helspont, or doctor that knew little of what he had on hand and wanted to save Michael at all costs. The reason why I don’t think Lynch and Thunderbook are involved is that he wasn’t on Lynch’s list of people to hunt down that had been I.O. test subjects under him or Thunderbook. Or then again… hear me out… in the old WSU Cray’s powers didn’t activate until much later in his life. This version could’ve been part of Project Thunderbook, was implanted with Khera DNA at some point, but nothing noticeably activated, so Lynch wrote him off, hence why he wasn’t part of Lynch’s personal mission to check up on. Later in life, his power activated, which is when we meet him. It could be that Michael’s near-death experience in the desert is what finally triggered his powers/awakened the Khera inside him. I consider the Khera inside Michael to be a bit of an unreliable narrator, so I’ll only trust what it says to a certain degree. Will any of this be officially resolved in “the Wild Storm?” Maybe. Does it really need to be? Nah, not really.


Diana was motivated by her father (and his death)
We get a very interesting flashback on Diana Prince and find that most of her motivation in life came from her dying father. He implored her to seek out their Greek gods, and man, she went for it!

Diana is indeed stronger than an average human
While not a demigod like the DC version of the character is, this version of Diana Prince is human. She, however, has become super strong due to using several experimental techniques that she acquired from Alexander Luthor.

Christine gets what she wants
For the only the second time, Michael actually gives Christine what she wants. The only other time Michael got her what she wanted was when she was able to get her hands on Oliver Queen’s company. Barry Allen destroyed all his research, and Michael destroyed everything related to Arthur Curry. So, yeah Christine gets Constantine with a head full of magick and technological know-how, the only thing she has to sacrifice is having Michael on the payroll.

Ok, I’ll admit to being wrong in the past, and here I was. When this book was starting to come out some folks said “Hey, why are all the villains just twists on DCU characters? Why not have him fight updates on old WSU characters?” and my smart ass response was something like “All the DCU characters are disposable, WSU characters may have plans for future use, thus are not used or are only in minor roles.” For me, this extended to the thought that only old WildStorm characters would be left alive at the end of the series, all DC and new characters were on the potential chopping block. Imagine my extreme surprise when Diana took out Leon, Victoria, and Hector. I also didn’t expect Constantine to survive either. Let’s hear it for shocking developments in comics!

DCU Connections

Alexander Luthor / Lex Luthor
We still have a very bald, very ruthlessly evil businessman version of Lex. Now, to be fair, I’m not as up on the big DC players as I should be. For real, I know a lot more about Zatanna and various Doom Patrol members than I do any of Superman’s supporting cast, but I still think that this version of Lex is pretty much like the one we usually see over in the mainstream DC. The only difference is that this is the result of a Luthor running free without a Superman to distract/stop him.

Bruce Wayne
This is the second reference to Bruce Wayne in this series! The first time was just a passing reference to a boy out East whose parents were shot in an alley being compared to Oliver Queen. This time it was in a conversation with Diana and Alexander and he was explicitly named. It seems this version of Bruce is a corporate genius on the level of Diana and Alexander, and he is a major business rival to Alexander and perhaps more.

Dr. Nelson / Doctor Fate
DrNelsonFateWe meet, for a very short time, Dr. Nelson who is “the Wild Storm” universe version of Dr. Kent Nelson, better known as Doctor Fate, over in the DCU. I kinda thought it was him, but once we were shown Diana crushing the Helmut of Nobu I was sure. Looking at my research it shows that while the current New52 rebooted Dr. Nelson is single, he was indeed married in the post-Crisis iteration of the DCU much like we see here.

One More Thing
Starting off and ending the series with Michael looking in a mirror is a great call back. It is so organic to both moments that at first, I didn’t catch it. The ending is just so powerful that I was so wrapped up and satisfied emotionally with the story that I didn’t make the connection until I reread the entire series as a whole. Michael also looks in the mirror near the beginning of issue 6, having him spending time in the mirror at the midway point of the series as well. I am a nut for a structure like that.

Final Thought
I enjoyed the heck out of this series. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. Hell, all I knew was from something that Jim Lee said at the “WildStorm 25th Anniversary” panel at SDCC in 2017. All Lee would tell of the “Michael Cray” book was that Ellis had told Hill that the book needs to be three things: Michael Cray must be killing someone, planning to kill someone, or narrowly avoid being killed by someone, in some combination in every issue. (This is from memory and I could have gotten something mixed up there.) I have to say, yeah, on that front this book delivered! But also Bryan Hill and N. Steven Harris created a character that I truly ended up caring about in very few issues. I get stuck on good characters written and presented well, and that’s what I kept coming back to this book for, and it kept meeting and topping my expectations. Sure, look, I’m a WildStorm fan, but I’m also hard to please. I don’t say something is a “good comic” very often, and I’ll say that “Michael Cray” is a great comic. I can admit, yes, I would’ve bought this book each month and reviewed/compare and contrasted it on this site no matter what. I hoped that it would be good, and I was absolutely delighted that it was better than that. I am sad that I will not be picking up issue 13 next month if I’m being honest. Come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see that! Michael on the run with an alien in his head and control powers, who is beholden to no higher authority and trying to remain the man he wants to be? I want to read that book, too!

A book starring this guy? Oh hell yeah, I’m game!

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WSU vs. The Wild Storm 17

TheWildStorm17I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out a week ago. 


New vs. Old

Stephen Rainmaker / Stephen Callahan (and kind of John Two-Raven)
StephenRainmakerStephenCallahanSo this is a sticky one, we meet Stephen Rainmaker, a Project Thunderbook experimentee who is pretty much the new version of Stephen Callahan from the old WSU continuity. Right off, you may notice that Stephen Callahan is not a Native American like Stephen Rainmaker. Both men used to work with Lynch, each of them is the father of a daughter with storm-related powers and they share a first name. In fact, this version of Stephen seems to pull a lot more from John Two-Raven, the uncle who raised Sarah Rainmaker in the old WSU, than from Callahan. Also, this version of Stephen only seems to have one kid rather than the three that Stephen Callahan had in the old WSU continuity.

Sarah Rainmaker
WSU-SarahStephen mentions having a daughter, with her mother being the hottest woman he’s ever seen. That woman seems to have had the baby in secret from Stephen and then eventually sends the young girl to Stephen in a limo with a check. Stephen claims that his daughter has similar powers to him, and based on her name we can assume this is for sure The Wild Storm version of Sarah Rainmaker. The biggest difference being that the original Sarah’s mom was Native American instead of her father. Also note that The Wild Storm version of Sarah would be from the Akokisa indigenous tribe living in eastern Texas, rather than being Apache living in south-eastern Arizona like she was in the old continuity.

Ragnar Helspont / Helspont
RHelspontWSU-HelspontWhen John and Stephan are talking, Stephan brings up the lead scientist working for Project Thunderbook named Ragnar Helspont. This is an obvious reference to Helspont, one of the villains of the original WSU WildCATs. Little more is known about this man, including the fact that he may or may not be a Daemon like he was the last time around. We haven’t seen Daemon’s pose as humans in any way in The Wild Storm like we did in the old WSU, so there is a lot more to be seen here! According to Stephen, Ragnar did seem to know a lot about the Khera implants though… hmmmmm…

Mystery Duo / Apollo & Midnighter
WhoAreThisFineMenIn Slayton’s trek across America to murder any other superpowered beings he comes across, he finds an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately for Slayton, the dwellers of the house are not pushovers and they send him running. I have a pretty good idea of who they are. I mean come on, this is Apollo and Midnighter, yeah? There’s no doubt… except for the shading… but I mean look at them… I want to say definitively that it is Apollo and Midnighter, but it’d just be like Ellis toss a curve ball to screw with all of us! I mean I guess it could be Majestic and Loner… Nah, that’s Apollo and Midnighter!

New and What We Don’t Know

Jodi Morinaka and/or Aries?
Lynch mentions that he does not know if Slayton has a kid or not. I guess there’s still a chance for us to see a version Jodi in The Wild Storm… or even Aries, I guess.

What Lucy did to Piss Off Jacob
DiscussingLucyWell, it looks like we have proof that Lucy doesn’t work with the Halo WildCAT team in The Wild Storm over a disagreement she had with Jacob. Based on Kanesha’s response of “She didn’t betray you, she just disagreed with your goals” we can see it was a matter of opinion and not some major thing, or else why would Lucy be defended at all.

What are the Daemon’s True Goals?
We get a little more insight into what the Daemon wants. The Daemon wants to have humanity find it’s own way, and not have Jacob and the Khera interfere with Earth’s progress. To what end we are not sure. Even if the Daemons were known as the good guys, maybe what they are truly after is an easier world to control and the Khera showing up ruined that.


Making Peace With the Khera Implant
It seems like Stephen has made peace with his implant by not pushing it. He’s not getting the feedback loop that Alex was talking about anymore. He’s living in harmony with the Khera in his head and it works. I think, in a way, Gloria has done the same thing. It is possible not to be a murderous fruitcake like Slayton it seems.

Cole is in Hiding
Last issue I wasn’t sure if Cole would leave the team and go back underground, but for now, it seems like he is going to lay low and confine himself to the house and Jacob’s work lab.

DCU Connections

Martian Manhunter
A reference to the TV show Martian Manhunter, this time with Stephen quoting it rather than us seeing Jenny walk through the background of the show.

the Daily Planet
Once again we see an issue of “the Daily Planet.”

One Last Thing
The Daemon is laying it on a little thick with the return of the Authority when it comes to visit Angie, isn’t it?

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WSU vs. The Wild Storm 16

The Wild Storm 016 CoverI know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out last week.


New vs. Old

Gloria Spaulding
tWS-GloriaSpauldingWSU-GloriaSpauldingYes, there was an actual Gloria Spaulding in the WSU. No, she didn’t have any powers. Yes, she was the mother of a Gen13 character (but there was some screwy story where she told her daughter she was her step-mother… yeah… comics.) Other than that, this character is pretty much all new in the pages of “The Wild Storm.” She seems pretty light-hearted and at the risk of a horrible pun, kinda flighty. She can control gravity, of herself and other objects, she apparently used this power to steal things for I.O. back when she worked there. Now she’s living in the middle of nowhere, having fun in her four-story high tower.

Gloria’s Child / Roxanne Spaulding?
WSU-RoxyLooks like Gloria had a kid too. She even admitted that she was compelled to, this is something John and Kwok eluded to in the last issue. She sent this kid off to live with her mother. In the old WSU Gloria had a daughter, who was Roxanne “Roxy” Spaulding AKA Freefall from Gen13. Sure, the WSU version of the character technically got her powers from her dad’s side, but hey, them’s the breaks in reboots. That’s 3 confirmed Gen13 team kids (and 4 kids over all) out there somewhere in the world of “The Wild Storm.” Ok, sure, we don’t know much about this kid, if it is a girl or even named Roxanne, but I think it’s a safe bet.

Gloria’s Singing Khera Implant / Kheribum Singing
ItSangToMeGloria mentioned that her Khera implant sang to her. This is an interesting revelation because it only seemed to talk (to some louder than others) with the other Thunderbook subjects. In the old WSU we find that there is an entire art and very serious side of Kherubim singing. In fact, they use singing as a kind of a password to gain access to Khera. Not sure if Ellis was particularly referencing the Kherubim singing ritual here, but I couldn’t help but think of it.

Thunderbook 12th Genetic Stage / Gen12
Thunderbook12thGeneticGloria also drops this on us, calling her Thunderbook group the “12th Genetic Stage.” She basically just called herself and most of the Thunderbook test subjects Gen12! In the old WSU Gen12 were I/O’s 12 test/try to create their own superpowered agents. All the members of Team 7 were Gen12. Other Gen12 members were in The Brethren and some… well, there had to be more out there because there were a bunch of their kids running around in the old WSU. (The kids were Gen13 and stared in the books “Gen13” and “DV8.”)

New and What We Don’t Know

Gloria Knows About Slayton
How does Gloria know about Slayton and how his implant is talking to him? Specifically how it remembers where it came from? Interesting twist!

Will Cole Leave Halo?
HomeboundColeWe find Angie and Cole talking, and he mentions that his cover has been blown. Since I.O. has found out that he’s not dead, he’s not exactly safe and needs to get back to being deep underground. Will we see Cole quit Halo’s WildCAT? Will he refrain from going on missions with the team and hide in Jacob’s bunker? I guess we have 8 more issues to find out!

Does Cole have a Khera Implant?
We know that Cole worked under John Lynch at I.O. and was part of Project Thunderbook. So far we have not seen Cole exhibit any powers like other Thunderbook participants do. At Halo we currently have Jacob, Kenesha, and John, three Khera, Adriana, a former Skywatch member who has become something else and Angie, a former I.O. member who has also become something else. Then there’s Cole. Could he just be a normal human? Could he be the only one from I.O.’s Project Thunderbook that didn’t get an implant? Is that possible? If he is, it doesn’t seem to be affecting him like it has the others that we’ve seen. I’m putting this out as a strong “maybe.”


Jenny Mei Sparks is One with Electronic Communication
At one point I wanted to call Jenny Mei Sparks, Jenny Social Media, using the “Jenny” nomenclature from the old WSU. Seemed like I wasn’t too far off the mark her. Jenny is so at one with the global communication systems that she can feel when something odd like Angie logs onto the internet.

Another Step Closer to the Authority
Looks like Angie and Jenny hit it off! Also, looks like Angie trusts her. Before Jenny left she let Angie know she’d help her get out of Jacob’s crash pad without anyone knowing. That’s one step closer to Angie getting together with Jenny, Shen, and Hawksmoor.

Look at Angie Becoming Even More Like the WSU Engineer!
AngiesHandWhen Angie manifested that gun with her hand I got a great big smile on my face. This, this is the Engineer that we used to know! It’s been a slow ramp-up, and I honestly didn’t think she’d ever look too much like the old school version, but damn, it’s so close now!

One Last Thing

We have two interesting page layouts here. The first one being the image of “the Internet.” It is the second two-page slash we’ve had in the series, and it is the first page that we get that has no borders! It seriously fills the pages all the way the edge. In a comic that has been defined by its page layouts, this is something to note.

image uncropped or edited in any way

The second is when John is talking to Gloria, and we get a two-page spread with oddly shaped panels. This just looks cool and is referencing Gloria’s hexagonal tower in her house. It is not the kind of page layouts that we’ve seen in the previous 15 issues. Not sure if it means something extra, or if Jon Davis-Hunt was just showing off his chops and clever layout skills. (Go buy the book, I’m not putting every page of it up here on this blog!)

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WSU vs. The Wild Storm 15

The Wild Storm (2017-) 015-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out last week.


New vs. Old

Sideways Bob
Talk to BobSidewaysBob_WSUTo be perfectly honest, I didn’t see this coming, even if the original Sideways Bob was a creation of Ellis, way back when. While we have yet to see this version of Bob, we already understand from Lauren that he is kinda creepy. “The Wild Storm” version apparently draws lipstick onto space helmets and sings to them, not too unlike the WSU version that used to carry around a manikin head, named Lucile that he treated like his girlfriend. Another big difference is that this version works for Skywatch while the WSU version worked for I/O (before being a free agent for Ivana and then going back to I/O when she took over.)

Andrew Kwok AKA Phillip Chang / Stewart Phillip Chang
KwokChangAndrew Kwok was one of Project Thunder Book’s test subjects who after leaving I.O. took on the name Phillip Chang. In the WSU Stewart Phillip Chang was a member of Team 7 for I/O but eventually left and went underground with half of that team. He eventually went off everyone’s radar and was assumed dead by even his closest friends. So both of these guys are good at hiding, that’s for dang sure. And they both have the same powers, that being telekinesis. Kwok doesn’t seem to be as good as Chang, because Chang could regularly handle multiple things at once, where here it leads to Kwok’s end. Another thing they have in common is that both Kwok and Chang had two boys.

Percival Chang / Grunge
GrungeKwok mentions that he has two boys under his alias Phillip Chang. The one that would be most known to even casual WildStorm fans would be Percival Edmund “Grunge” Chang from Gen13. Other than Grunge he would usually go by the nickname, Eddie. We only have a mention of him, so we have no idea what he’s really like in “the Wild Storm” but we know, much like Caitlin Fairchild, that he is out there, somewhere.

Hector Chang / Absolom?
AbsolomKwok mentioned he had two boys and in fact, in the old WSU, Phillip Chang did indeed have two boys! We only ever meet him (as Absolom) once, and we’re only let on to the fact that he’s Grunge’s brother/Phillip’s son in a WildStorm sourcebook. We have no idea of Absolom is named Hector or not. This more or less seems like an extra fun little easter egg for us hardcore WSU fans.

New and What We Don’t Know

Are We Seeing Lynch Get the Idea for Gen13?
When Lynch takes out Kwok he says “I’ll see you kids are looked after.” In the original WSU, that version of John Lynch did indeed take care of the children of his former Team 7 members. The Project Thunderbook experiments are pretty much all the members of the old WSU Team 7, so him looking after the kids seems exactly in character. Is Lynch going to go looking for the Chang boys and Caitlin to take care of them? Is he accidentally building a new version of Gen13 right before our eyes? Considering the solicitations for the next few issues are out, and we’re seeing him confront other Project Thunderbook members that match up to Team 7 members, we really could be witnessing this!

Lucy’s Code
Twice we’ve seen Lucy mention that she has a code. Both times I’ve thought the version in the WSU who was a member of the Coda. I don’t think this is an accident.


The Why of The Mayor
TheMayorCriesTooLooks like this new version of Jack Hawksmoor wasn’t “upgraded” by aliens or by humans from the future. Nope, turns out it was Skywatch trying to create a race of humans that can survive on a polluted world. That’s eviler than I thought we’d see from Skywatch… but it tracks with their goals.

Slayton is Indeed Parsing the Word “Khera” as “Carer”

Lynch Having Powers
So far all the Project Thunderbook participants we’ve seen have powers, except for Cole. I was wondering if Lynch had any, as we haven’t seen him display them yet. When Kwok is trying to literally mess with Lynch’s brain he remarks that Lynch’s brain is “weird.” So we know for a fact that Lynch has had something done to him, whether he has powers or not.

The Khera Plan
Kwok mentions that the implant in him wants to colonize. We also know that for some reason Marlowe’s original mission got scrubbed. Not to mention that the Daemon built a machine that creates Technes to keep the Earth safe. I think we have enough puzzle pieces here to surmise that Khera are a ruthless species hellbent on taking over planets. Not only that but we can guess that Marlowe has come to see things a different way, and doesn’t mean to kill and enslave humans, and seems to want to work with them to get past the Gaian Bottleneck. None the less the Daemon created and implemented their “Earth Defence System” to keep any Khera from being able to take over the Earth. Either most of the other Khera died out over time, or Marlowe and his crew killed them all. These remains were found by I.O. and used for the implants on the Project Thunderbook volunteers. The bit of Khera in them still wants to kill and rule. It really seems like all the Khera we’ve met on Earth are either outliers to the Khera cause, or they’re fighting against their baser instincts to get off this planet or live in harmony with it.

One Last Thing

JonesI so wanted this to be a reference to Jones Soda that WildStorm had a deal with way back in the day, but that company was established in 1986, not 1977.
SodaMan, I drank so many of those sodas and I never thought to save a set of those bottles full or empty. Damn. Still miss that pineapple upside down flavor too.

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WSU vs. Michael Cray 7, 8 & 9

I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing, and frankly, looking at the view numbers, you readers do too! Admittedly, I have no idea where Hill, Harris, and Ellis are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what this team is bringing. I just thought I’d go over the last few issues of “Michael Cray.”


New and What We Don’t Know

Dion Fortune
DionSo we have a young woman named Dion Fortune. She assists Dr. Constantine and states that there are no secrets that men can hold from her. I wonder if she just took her name the historical occultist Dion Fortune, or if it could somehow be her… something to think about and watch out for!

What is in Michael’s Head and How Did it get There?
We’re still not exactly sure what is going on with the entity in Michael’s head. Dr. Constantine is treating it as if it is a demon and letting Michael know that he can help him with it. Christine lets on that she may know what it is and how Michael came in contact with it, but she’s not telling us or Dr. Shahi.


Over in “The Wild Storm” we’re currently encountering characters that have been made gen/active with the addition of Khera DNA added to their own. We’ve also seen that it gives the gen/active person a voice or presence in their head. One that likes violence and imbues superpowers unto its host. Is this what happened to Michael? So far the people we’ve seen with this affliction have been members of Project Thunderbook at I.O. under John Lynch. After consulting the old WSU continuity, the Project Thunderbook experimentees were all on Team 7. We know the old WSU Cray was on Team 7, so did the same fate befall this version of him?

We’ve seen no evidence that Michael was part of Project Thunderbook. We’ve also had Craven say that most of the people that were part of Thunderbook have left I.O. after Lynch left. So who made Michael gen/active and when? Bendix seems to know what is going on too, and even mention aliens!


We may be seeing Michael go through what Slayton and Fairchild have been through from a first-person perspective. And based on those two examples we’ve seen how things can turn out for the better or the worst.

Is the Thing in Michael’s Head Going to Make Him Go After His Father?
It’s a chilling thought and one that just might be in Michaels future.


What’s Dr. Constantine up to with Dr. Shahi?
Not sure what Dr. Constantine is up to, knowing that crazy bastard it’s somewhere between intimidation and full on murder. Maybe even a sacrifice for a ritual. You never know with that crazy bint.



What Happened to Leon’s Arm
Ok, we didn’t get a straight answer to this, but my boy Scott brought it up and this is what I put together. When Leon lost his arm while fighting sharks, Michael said: “Be a good boy and maybe Trelane will fix you up.” This tells me that Skywatch has the tech to replace his arm. Also, when we first meet Bendix in “The Wild Storm” it is made mention that he’s had a lot of work done to him. To our eyes, he still looks all “organic” so it is safe to assume that Skywatch can indeed replace limbs as they see fit, with them blending in exactly with how you used to look.

What Diana Prince is Up To
Diana Prince either wants to undercut the energy corporations of the world by providing free energy for all, collapsing capitalism, or she wants to bring back ancient gods. Or both. Either way, she wants to upend the world, and she’s going to use technology and magick to do so, hence why she hired Dr. Constantine. That and he tells good stories.

DCU Connections

Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
This version of Diana Prince is much like her DCU counterpart in that she’s a fierce warrior. There’s a slight difference in that while she’s the same as a kick-ass combat warrior, she’s also a shrewd business warrior as well. I don’t think she’s as long-lived as the original Wonder Woman, but they are both from Greece. She does not seem to be Wonder Woman in this universe, as there’s a fictional and marketed Wonder Woman as evidenced by Jenny Mei Sparks’ bed sheets.

One Last Thing
Damn do Ross Campbell’s colors make everything look exquisite! I mean no disrespect to the previous colorists on this book, but damn Ross Campbell is adding so much to what N. Steven Harris and Dexter Vines are putting on the page!

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WSU vs. The Wild Storm 14

The Wild Storm (2017-) 014-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis and Davis-Hunt are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what they and their team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out last week.


New vs. Old

Alexandra Fairchild / Alexander Fairchild
AlexanderFairchildIs this only our second gender-flipped character? So it seems. At first, I was thinking that Alexandra was just paying homage to both Alex and Caitlin Fairchild rolled into one character, but as we’ll see, Caitlin is still very much her own person in “the Wild Storm” should we ever meet her. So apples to apples Alexandra vs. Alexander, well, to be honest, Alexandra is a lot more like Caitlin, to tell the truth. They’re both extremely strong despite not being overly muscley, a person who cares for other, and one would do anything to protect who they deem worth protecting. Alexander on the other hand, well, really only falls into the last of those three descriptors, and only that last one after he grew up a bit. Alexander was kind of a douche in Team 7 back in the day, as soon as he became a dad in the WSU he softened up. His powers in the WSU were also an ability to change what others were seeing. Making him and his Team 7 buddies either look like other people or go invisible altogether. The Wild Storm version of the character takes more after the WSU’s Caitlin than Alexander, speaking of…

Caitlin Fairchild
CaitlinLike stated above, it turns out Alexandra had a daughter but put her up for adoption because she was afraid of what kind of mother she’d be. In the old WSU Alex did a lot to keep Caitlin safe and far from I/O before she ended up with her aunt and uncle, so this version of Caitlin being in the foster system is something different. It’s also nice to know that somewhere, out there, is The Wild Storm version of Caitlin!

New and What We Don’t Know

The Mayor was Sick
Until Shen and Jenny helped him out, The Mayor was not really sure who he was. I mean, he seemed to know and understand his power set, but perhaps didn’t know what to do with it to help anyone other than himself. How long was he like this and how did it come about? Did a Khera or Daemon do this to him? Or was it Skywatch or I.O.? Also, how did he gain his powers?

The Dead Skywatch Agent

Not sure who this guy is, or if he was supposed to represent someone from the old continuity. The Skywatch affiliation and the grey and red color scheme make me think of Fuji, but I’m entirely certain it isn’t supposed to be him. Either way, at Slayton’s hand, he’s dead now. Also, this is the murder of a Skywatch agent by someone not currently connected to either I.O. or Skywatch. We all know that Skywatch will be blaming I.O. which is not going to go well for their escalating “hot” war.


The Mayor is for sure Jack Hawksmoor
I mean we suspected it, so it’s just nice to know that we were right.

Turns out the implanted Khera DNA likes violence
Last issue I surmised that maybe, just maybe Slayton was insane, and not understanding what the Khera inside his head actually wanted. Now that we’ve met Alexandra and she’s stated that her implant also likes violence we can extrapolate two ideas. Either they’re both prone to violence or that the Khera implant really does tend one towards violence. I think with Slayton we are supposed to guess at it, but once we meet Alexandra and see much more of her personal character we are to understand that the Khera implant is at fault.

Looks like the Skywatch/I.O. war is heating up!
I mean, just check out that panel… that’s all we need to know about this war starting to pop off!

One Last Thing

Where the hell is Angie?
I mean, we haven’t seen her, for what, 3 issues now?

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