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WSU vs. the Wild Storm 11

The Wild Storm 11AI know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out last week.


New vs. Old

Science City Zero vs. U.S. Science City Zero

When Bendix is telling Lauren about the reason for the I.O./Skywatch treaties we find out about Science City Zero. While there were a few science cities in the old WSU (a Russian one was seen in an issue of “DV8”) the main one was U.S. Science City Zero ran by Dr. Dowling in “Planetary.” This new one was run by the new version of John Lynch. Science City Zero is funded by I.O. and Russia, unlike U.S. Science City Zero which was just an American science city. It’s where Dr. Dowling would perform experiments on people, resulting in superpowers for some, but mostly just messed them up. Also, U.S. Science City Zero was eventually abandoned, unlike Science City Zero which got blown up by Skywatch.

Cole & Lucy’s Relationship
theTeachesOfLucyZannahGrifterKissyFaceAt the end of this issue, we find out that this version of Cole and Lucy have a past. Much like the old WSU where Cole and Zannah were a couple for several years, but broke up and continued to work together. In both cases it seems that Cole was trained in battle by Lucy/Zannah, but “the Wild Storm” version of the couple seemed to have gone their separate ways quite a while ago. In both cases, it seems that Cole still harbors a crush on the lady, and in both cases, the lady does what she wants despite that. The old Zannah would sometimes just kiss Cole out of nowhere and wonder why he’d get upset because he knows it isn’t going to work out. Lucy just full on tells Cole that he belongs to her! Woah!

New & What We Don’t Know

What Exactly Science City Zero is For
Right now we’re not sure what John Lynch, I.O., and the Russians were up to at Science City Zero. Something big enough to fight Skywatch over to keep hidden at least.


SkyWatch & I.O.’s Treaty
Bendix lets Lauren in (and the readers) in on why the treaty between I.O and SkyWatch was created. It is basically to keep them from destroying each other or from the rest of the world from finding out about either of them. See, if the public finds out about either it’ll be bad news for both organizations and possibly the world in general.

John Lynch Info
Straight from Bendix’s mouth, the new John Lynch has a white eye just like the old one did! No mention of scars or kick-ass sideburns.

Angie’s Project

We finally see what Angie has been working on in Jacob’s secure location. It’s making her dry suit sleeker. Seems as if she removed much of the liquid interface from herself, upgraded it and then pumped it back into herself. Oddly (to her and to us) she doesn’t manage to get it all back in… I’m sure that won’t backfire in some way… She boots up the new dry suit and it looks a lot more like the old school WSU version of the Engineer, with a thin coating of silver encasing her. Then she armors up and looks like something out of “Bubblegum Crisis!” So yeah, she’s right, she looks very cool!

DCU Connections

Wonder Woman
WWBedWhen we see Jenny and Shen wake up in Jenny’s room, we see them under a bedspread with the Wonder Woman logo on it. I have to assume that the version Wonder Woman in “the Wild Storm” is also a fictional character which is very much the same as the one in our world and aptly marketed as such. Just a guess though.

Ambush Bug
IrwinWe see Lucy check her phone and it reads “Ambush Bug : Target Device is Listening for You.”  We can guess that this is an app that you can use to set up a listening channel on another device. It seems that Mitch’s phone is Lucy’s target considering that we see this right after Mitch is on his phone. Later on, when back in contact with his phone Mitch and Jackie mentions Cole and how they think he’s an operative for Skywatch. That’s the exact info that Lucy passes to Cole later, so yeah, it’s an app that bugs other electronic that can listen. Oh, yeah, and in the DCU Ambush Bug was a character that used small electronics that he could teleport between to get a jump on whoever he was fighting. He started out as a kind of mischievous villain but then got more comical, less villain-y and even broke the fourth wall, Deadpool style.

One Last Thing
I said it last time we saw the two of them together for an extended amount of time, but I live for Bendix and Lauren hanging out and talking. Their work relationship and demeanor towards each other cracks me up. I literally laughed out loud reading this book, much to the confusion and annoyance of my cat, Mr. Pants. (Who unlike Streaky, is not history’s greatest monster.)

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WSU vs. The Wild Storm 10

The Wild Storm (2017-) 010-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out earlier this week.


New vs. Old

I think this is the first time that Bendix has been referred to as “Weatherman” in the comics. Still more of a position than a code name, but that was a nice touch.

the Mayor / Jack Hawksmoor
Hawksmoor_WSUITheMayor‘ll admit, I honestly didn’t see this one coming! We’re introduced to a character named the Mayor. He’s barefoot and standing outside a bodega, willing to talk about cities to anyone around. Much like the original Jack Hawksmoor he has ridged feet and wears a suit. Unlike the original Hawksmoor, he has long hair and can get through cities faster. In the old WSU when Hawksmoor didn’t have a Door to call on, he would curl up in a ball, the street would form a ball around him, and swallow him. A few hours later a new ball in a new city would rise out of the street and Hawksmoor would burst out. Diving into a street like it’s a pool seems much easier!

New & What We Don’t Know

What Angie Was Going to Say to Cole
AngiesQuestionCole wants to ask Angie if she can attach bombs to her little flying robot, and if they can use them to hack I.O. Before Cole asks her this, Angie says she has a question for Cole too, but after he mentions Kenesha is involved she clams up. Angie just doesn’t trust aliens.

Twice in this issue, we have references to Reptilian aliens. Shen correctly knows this as the Daemon. When Bendix brings this up it frustrates Lauren. Bendix states that knowledge of alien life is a core part of SkyWatch. Lauren still isn’t buying it. It seems Shen and Bendix are the only non-aliens to believe in the Daemon. Seems as if Jenny is coming around on it, and Lauren still thinks it is the imagination of Bendix’s drug-addled brain.


Event Shielding
We’ve had event shielding mentioned a few times, but we now finally have a better idea of what is going on.

Cray’s New Job
Henry Bendix gets a report from Christine Trelane about Michael Cray. He says that Trelane has Cray do jobs similar to what the SkyWatch Ground Division usually does, and that is taking care of superpowered beings. We saw Lucy do this in the first issue of the series, well, we caught her in the aftermath of that.

Cray’s Tumor
Bendix reveals that by looking over Trelane’s reports that he knows that Cray doesn’t have a tumor. He thinks it is something put there by reptilian aliens.

Ivana’s Leaky I.O. Group
Henry bitches to Lauren that he can’t get more info out of Jackie King’s I.O. group. It seems as if everyone knows what is going in Ivana Baiul’s group. We’ve seen her talk very candidly over the phone with people about the goings on of I.O., so this is hardly surprising.

Jenny’s Age
120ishAlright, in this new universe we need to stop seeing Jenny Mei Sparks as a “Jenny” or a Century Baby. She’s 120ish and stated in past issues a Techne, and her “lineage” or “line” includes a woman named Joan. But yeah, she says shes 120yrs old, give or take a few years. We also see that Jenny Mei Sparks isn’t too different to the old Jenny Sparks as they both disappeared into drunkenness for a time and lost track of the world.

Where Jenny Comes From
Swift reveals to Jenny that she comes from a machine developed by an alien. And her purpose is to protect the Earth.

Pris Didn’t Know Things, But She Does Now!
PrisGetsACluePris sees the Mayor dive into the street and it freaks her out, but not for the obvious reasons. We’ve suspected that Pris knows some of the secret stuff that has been going on around her, based on her music videos. We have now found out that Pris didn’t think any of that was “for real for real.” It was just interesting conspiracy theory stuff that she was into, but she didn’t think there were really aliens. But now… now she believes, and now, finding out that what all she’s learned is true, she’s knows there’s a war coming!

DCU Connections

DJ Beast Boy
There is mention of a DJ named DJ Beast Boy. It is unknown if it is this universe’s version of Garfield Logan as a DJ or if it is a DJ that named himself after the character from the “Doom Patrol” TV show we saw advertised on the Galaxy Network in issue 3. Either is plausible for such a passing comment.

One Last Thing
The story is starting to come together. Jenny was created by the Daemon to save the Earth. The Khera are stranded on Earth during a mission that they have not been forthright about. We’ve seen Lucy and the Daemon together, and they’re not exactly on good terms. Did the Daemon set up the Techne machine to create beings to save the Earth from Khera invasion? Is Jenny predisposed to fight against our fledgling WildCATs team? Is this going to be the line drawn in the sand that will move Angie from Jacob’s team to one with Shen and Jenny, her dislike of aliens? When will the Mayor meet up with those women? Will Jackie King and Christine Trelane meet up, fall in love and go to work for Shen & Jenny, pooling their secret knowledge into this makeshift Authority? Will Lucy and Pris ever meet up with and join Jacob’s team? I’m kind of super excited!

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“Gen13” Vol 2 issues 6 – 7

This entry covers “Gen13” volume two issues 6 and 7 by Brandon Choi, J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Gen13_v2_006The Gen13 kids are on their way to America, but due to an airport strike, they get stuck in Rome, Italy. Apparently, James McArthur hooked the kids up with a friend of his and Lynch’s to take care of the kids while they wait for a flight home. Mr. Bovini gets the kids outfitted in fancy high fashions, and new haircuts for the ladies, before taking them out to a swanky dinner.

At din din, Grunge acts like a cad and upsets Roxy, but Bobby cheers her up. Speaking of “cheers” the kids share a bit too many drinks. Which results in Grunge throwing up and Rainmaker and Bobby making out until they pass out. The next morning Rainmaker brushes Bobby off, which sends him into a tizzy, leading him to overreact flying straight up into the air, blazing flames. Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of the local authorities, as it is a violation of something or other, and Italy thinks it may be under superpowered attack or whatever.

Our old pals the Order of the Cross seem to have their superhero team known as the Centurions. They’re not fooling around as they manage to capture Roxy, Grunge, and Caitlin. They also knock a whole building down on Rainmaker, which can’t be good. While most of the Centurions team are concentrating on the aforementioned capture of the kids, one member, Domina, is after Bobby. She just about takes him out before he’s saved by an unlikely ally. It’s Ms. Bliss! By “Ms. Bliss” I mean Nicole Callahan and not Hayley Mills.

Gen13_v2_007So where has Bliss been? Well, her, her brother Threshold and their boss Ivana Baiul have been holed up on Caballito Island hiding from I/O. Not only are they hiding out, they’re defrosting and training the Gen-Active kids that Ivana put on ice as Project Genesis was falling apart. Bliss got sick of all that and decided to bounce and tour the world while Ivana and Threshold trained the DV8 kids. Not sure if she was specifically searching the Gen13 kids out with her little “Gen-Active finder device” or she was just looking for other Gen-Actives for the fun of it. Either way, she ended up in Italy just in time to save Bobby’s bacon.

Bobby and Bliss team up to save the rest of the Gen13 kids. As luck would have it Rainmaker ended up falling down a manhole into the sewer as that building was falling down around her. With her safe, she joins the rescue squad to go and find Grunge, Roxy, and Caitlin. The trio ends up breaking into the Order of the Cross by way of the men’s room. Meanwhile, Roxy and Grunge manage to break free due to getting into an actual fight, even though Caitlin thinks it’s a diversion at first. Speaking of fights, Bliss and Rainmaker can’t stop their own bickering for a second, even when taking down a hefty group of the Order’s men. That’s commitment to an argument!


Both teams meet up and are trying to find a way out of this mess. Caitlin is accessing all of their files and is trying to get to more of their top secret ones, but keeps getting blocked. As luck would have it, Bliss knows that Ivana has backdoors in just about every computer network ever created! Bliss gets Caitlin where she needs to be and gets a compliment from Caitlin at the same time. Caitlin then threatens to upload all of the Order of the Cross’s secret information to the public. Since the Order has secrets they’d rather keep to themselves, they let the kids go.

The Gen13 kids, plus Bliss get a private jet from the Vatican to get them back to Cali. While the team is celebrating another win, Bobby and Bliss share a few tender moments near the back of the plane. However; Bliss being Bliss just can’t be pinned down, and opens the jet door and leaps out of it with a parachute, as if to prove to Bobby, you can never predict some girls.

Continuity Corner:

  • We’re finally following up on where Ivana, Threshold, and Bliss have been up to since the end of “Gen13” volume one issue 5.
  • We initially see an unnamed DV8 member in the VR training. We don’t see her in the training session itself, but afterward, stuck in her VR suit. This would later be retconned to have been Freestyle, and it was explained that she so underwhelmed Ivana she got put back on ice.
  • One of the files that Caitlin threatened to release from the Order of the Cross was Project Lazurus. I literally cannot remember if that ever comes up again. To tell the truth, I sure wish it would’ve along with more appearances by the Centurions.
  • I really liked the direction that this book was taking Bliss in, but it wasn’t much longer before she went back to being the super crazy chick she used to be. Of course, there may be a narrative reason for return to nutso-land. You know, with her getting kind of possessed by a Kindred lizard-person. See “DV8” issue 26 for more details.

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Weathering WildStorm Voter Results

Honestly, I wanted to get into “Deathblow” Vol. 1 issues 17 – 19, but have taken a small break because I’m short on time. I just got back from a crazy ass weekend back in the Midwest and am currently getting set for San Diego Comic Con. Which leaves me not as much time as I would like. So instead, a quick update about the readers poll conducted a few weeks ago!

First off, 20 people voted! Hot damn! I know, this site gets lots of hits from all over, so that seems like a small number. I’ve found that it is not. This is time, out of your day, and not a lot of folks will take that kind of time. The fact that 20 people did, and that 4 of you took the time to make a comment means a lot. It is a pretty high number in the end, glad to see it!

It seems like the feeling is, is that I’m updating at about what is expected. Once a week, but twice a week with one shots or very short “not much happened” arcs. Cool. I’m glad we’re on the same page there!

Was surprised to see that you want to see all the covers in a given arc. I’m glad to do that, and have already started to include them! I have nothing against it, I was just surprised by this a bit!

I figured once I floated the idea of including some key panels you’d be all for it. I’d always toyed with the idea, but never went for it out of time obligations. As I’ve seen the readership grow I can justify a bit more time for such things. Also, after starting to do the “WSU vs. The Wild Storm” entries I’ve come up with a pretty quick way of getting that done. I’m going to start including these, as I can when it works with the entry and the story. Glad to see we’re all thinking alike!

To the smart ass who clicked on both the “I’m a crazy rich guy” options, well, if you’re not a smart ass and are actually a crazy rich WSU fan, hit me up on twitter @radjose. Also, hey, if yr going to be at SDCC this weekend, might as well hit up that twitter, too! I’m going to try and make most of the WildStorm related events, so we’ll be close enough to each other anyway. Might as well give each other high-fives and talk about WSU geekery.

the State of Weathering WildStorm

Ok, so I’ve been doing this blog for just about two years now. Sure, you’re right, I’ve only been consistent about it since last October, and that’s fair enough. But here we are, 2 years later, when it has never been a better time to be a WildStorm fan! Woo-hoo! Before we go on with the blog, there are a few things I need to say.

  • Oh jeez, I’ve realized how much of a mess the “Shattered Image” and “New Horizons” sections are! I don’t know what the hell I was thinking! A lot of that just doesn’t work at all! I’m going to spend some time cleaning it up.
  • Speaking of the “Shattered Image” section… well… there’s no way that the “Shattered Image” event could’ve happened. At least not there. We need Pris to still be a WildC.A.T. and for Deathtrap to still be all about that merc lifestyle. That means it would have to take place before “WildStorm Rising.” I think I’m going to have to reluctantly use my rule for cross-overs on it. That rule is “If it adds something, is exceptionally great, or at least doesn’t contradict, find a place for it.” Right now, “Shattered Image” isn’t fitting any of my 3 desired wants for a cross-over.
  • Of course, this brings up what to do with that section? I think I’m going to restructure things a bit. Have what is currently listed as “Shattered Image” go a bit longer than it currently does, leading everything up to “New Horizons,” while the “New Horizons” section is going to be dealing with the newly established status quo of the WSU at that time. But what do I title the now nameless “Part 4?” Suggestions are welcome.
  • There are still a handful of books that are official (read: not cross-over) books that are unaccounted for in the continuity. Tales of possible futures (“Phantom Guard” and “Mostly Wanted”) probably won’t be, sorry. I’ll eventually work in all the “Gen13” stuff too (the Yearbook, 3D special and novels.) I’m still looking for good places to place “Allegra” and “Disavowed” too. I’m also looking forward to the “WildStorm 25th Anniversary” book and finding places for those stories, once it comes out!

Which brings me to the final part of this entry, what do you, the reader, want to see from this blog? Continuing to do the compare and contrasts of the original WSU to what we’re presented with in “the Wild Storm” has been a lot of fun, and was totally continued due to a request and support from readers. I really do care what you have to say! So, yeah, what do you think, sirs?

If you have nothing much to suggest, at least answer this poll:

Issue 0 : Introduction

As I’m getting packed up and ready to head south to go to SDCC I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself and what I hope to accomplish with this ongoing column. I first got into comics when I was in high school in the early ‘90s. I had a few buddies who were more of the collector type at the time, and that didn’t interest me so much. Comics and comic talk were all around me, but it was still a year before I started picking them up for myself. When I started off, I was mostly picking up some Marvel and DC stuff just to see what clicked with me, this being the early ‘90s also meant that I eventually picked up some Image and Valiant comics as well. Not a lot of that did anything for me either, except for the books coming out of the then named Homage studio from Image.

When I look back, I’m pretty sure that “WildC.A.T.s Special #1” was my first official Wildstorm comic, something worked for me in that book. The art and coloring were nothing like what I was seeing in “The Infinity Crusade” or the “Death of Superman” stories that I was also reading. Sure, the writing wasn’t as good, but there was a certain appeal that stuck with me. I’m sure initial appeal was that these characters were as new to comics as I was. The secondary appeal of the Wildstorm comics over other Image books was that I didn’t actively dislike any of the characters. I could never get into “Spawn,” “Youngblood” or “Pitt” despite how much I tried as a kid (looking back I think I would’ve enjoyed “Savage Dragon” had I given it a shot.) I voraciously consumed the Wildstorm books for several years before getting into more independent comics, quitting comics, getting back into comics, getting a job at a comic shop, leaving said job and quitting comics again, getting back into comics again, moving across the country, quitting comics once more, then getting married to a woman who had a small interest in comics and has slowly dragged me back into the habit.

The Wildstorm universe has always had a big place in my heart and mind when I think about comic books and I really wanted to revisit that, as well as find out what happened during all those vacations away from comics that I took. So, armed with my well-traveled long box, a bunch of trades, Comixology, a dozen trips to various comic shops around the Los Angeles area and the Valley (and I’ll admit, a few unsavory websites) I’ve just about gathered all the titles that took place in the Wildstorm U. My first goal was the read them in the order of release. While reading I thought it would be interesting to arrange them in order of continuity. I got really excited about this idea because the writers at Wildstorm (mostly Brandon Choi) seemed to make sure that these books were all very closely related to each other. For the first several years of Wildstorm there was a very solid backbone running through the books that I didn’t notice as a kid that I’m seeing and appreciating now!

I started talking about how excited I was to “put Widlstorm in order” and Tim at Comic Nerds Unite suggested that I write about it. Now I love doing things purely for fun (like reading comics), but more so I love doing things for fun and then doing something with the information that I’ve taken in (like putting said stories in continuity order then telling people about it). Writing about revisiting my youth and re-reading the comics that made me love comics was too good of an offer to pass up. I knew I needed to be prepared so I went ahead and re-read them. I read them all. I’ve put them in order of events (for the most part) and now I’m reading them again and commenting on them, seeing how well they hold up, teasing out all the in-universe connections and reflecting on an 18 year shared universe that took a lot of odd turns before folding.

I’ll tackle the history of the Wildstorm universe several issues at a time, usually by story arc or mini-series, not so often by oversized one-shot or cross-overs. It may be harder to keep up at some times than at other, but I hope you’ll find it interesting, none the less.

Next: “WildC.A.T.s” Vol. 1 issue 10 backup story : “Soldier’s Story” by H.K. Proger, Ryan Benjamin and Tom McWeeney