WSU vs. The Wild Storm 9

thewildstorm_009I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board for what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out earlier this week.


New vs. Old

Big Green Robot
BigGreenFuckOffRobotHARMMet-LWhen Angela, Jacob, and Adri first enter Jacob’s lab, we see a huge green robot hanging in the room. While it looks like an android that is meant to be piloted by a human, it does recall the two huge green cyborgs from the original WSU, H.A.R.M. and Met-L. Who knows if this robot is related to either as it could even be a reference to Maul seeing how it is big and green. Also, it is emblazoned with the number 52, as DC seems to have a real boner for that numeral.

John Lynch
LynchQuestionMarkJohnLynch_WSUWe find out from Miles Craven that John Lynch was the man who was Director of I.O. before Miles. This is a bit of a role reversal from the original WSU where, yeah, Lynch was the director of I/O, but I/O was still under the Security Czar, who was Miles Craven. In effect, Craven used to be Lynch’s boss until Lynch left I/O, and in “the Wild Storm” Lynch used to be Craven’s boss until Lynch left I/O and Craven took his job. In the old continuity Lynch left I/O and went on the lam with a bunch of super-powered teenagers, after he became disillusioned with what I/O was doing in general, and how Craven was running things specifically. We don’t know why this new version of Lynch left I.O. yet, but we know that he knew Cole Cash. In the old WSU Lynch and Cash go way back as they were both part of an elite military group known as Team 7.

New & What We Don’t Know

Clade Societal Ranking
We learn that in the clades the individual names of the aliens represent what clade they are in which also reflects their rank in society. The fewer the syllables, the higher the rank. There also seems to be implications for the letters and pronunciation, so we still have a lot to learn!


John Colt’s Real Name
We find out that John Colt’s real name (more on alien names below) is eight syllables and has a “U” sound in the middle. So I guess his real name isn’t Yohn Kohl as it was in the previous WSU.


Emp & Zannah’s names
For the first time, we learn that Emp and Zannah are going to be names used in this new universe. So far we hadn’t seen Jacob be referred to as Emp or Lucy as Zannah, or that they had names outside of what we’d previously learned.

We see John and Kenesha discus their clades in this issue. We now know for a fact that Jacob, Lucy, Kenesha and John are each from different clades. That just leaves us with one clade that we have not met as of yet. Also, as being from differing clades, this probably means that Kenesha and Zannah are not related in this universe.

DCU Connections

Paul Kirk / Manhunter
PaulKirkPaul Kirk (as well as many clones of him) is the crimefighter known as Manhunter in the DCU. Except the Golden Age Paul Kirk who was mostly a tough guy private investigator, whom the movie character that Mitch likes seems to be more based on. Once again we’re seeing media based on C-list DC Characters, much like the Doom Patrol was in issue three.

One Last Thing

Thunderbook_tWSWe find out that one of John Lynch’s big projects at I.O. was called Project Thunderbook. It seems as if Ellis is never one to let a good name be forgotten, you see “Thunderbook” was also the name of a special from WildStorm Studios back in the day filled with short stories. Put this on the list of WildStorm things that I didn’t think I’d see referenced in “the Wild Storm!”

More issue comparisons of the old WildStorm Universe to “The Wild Storm.”


Cybernary Vol. 1 issues 2 – 5

This entry covers “Cybernary” volume one issues 2 through 5 by Steve Gerber, Jeff Rebner and Richard Friend as well as the short story “Cybernary : the Price” by Jeff Mariotte, Jeff Rebner and John Tighe which originally appeared in “Overstreet’s Fan issue 6.” Due to what Cybernary is wearing, and where we are at in the story “Cybernary : the Price” should be read before moving on to issues 2 through 5.

cybernary_v1_003For the purposes of clarity, I’ll be referring the star of this book as Cybernary, and no longer Katrina or Yumiko. I’ll also be using the pronouns “her/she” instead of “they/them” like I did in the coverage of the previous Cybernary stories. At this point in the book, Cybernary is starting to act as more of a conduit between the two personalities instead of switching back and forth between them, so it feels more apt. Not that the independent sides of Cybernary still don’t crop up, and it seems in the stories she’s mostly called Katrina, but in reading, it seems more unified. I mean we’re opening on the story of a want for Katrina, that is, to find Cisco. There is seemingly no difference in this desire where Yumiko is against that idea, and Cybernary seems more like a whole being.


In the search for Cisco Miranda leads Cybernary to where they might be able to find some information. This is unfortunately in the Gamorran slums. Sketchy areas that have high technology by low income. Cybernary is left to wait as Miranda goes to gather information. Cybernary then stops a poor woman from selling her baby for cash to some tech experimenters. Due to the large fight that ensued, at the next stop, Miranda brings Cybernary in to meet with her friend Hiroshi to try and avoid the craziness. Too bad, a big fight breaks out here too, while Cybernary wasn’t initially involved she does some damage to many of the involved parties.

After Hiroshi tells the ladies they better run to avoid the Kaizens police squad, they end up at the home of Trantor “the Jumper” MacGregor. Trantor is a techie of some stripe and is in need of some specialty electronics to upgrade his work. He knows a man by the name of Lance Wernick that has some, and if they can get these chipsets, Trantor is happy to give them what little information he has on the whereabouts of Cisco. Yeah, Cybernary and Miranda are being sent on a fetch quest.


Miranda and Cybernary track Wernick to some crazy kind of fetish club and use Wernick’s base instincts against him. Yeah, Wernick, stop thinking with your pants! Cybernary takes him back to his hotel and as Cybernary is casing the joint for chipsets that Trantor wants, Kaizen’s police blast a hole in the wall and are ready to arrest both Wernick and Cybernary. While they manage to get away all they’re really accomplishing is raising Kaizen’s interest into what is going on. He sets Minotaur and his best men to investigate.

You see, Kaizen has had some a particular interest in this crazy Nympho-Droid running around since he’s started talking to Dr. Vandalia. That’s right, Dr. Vandalia managed to survive his fight with Cybernary and even though he’s just a head in a jar, he persists. He spills the beans on Yumiko being a part of the Cybernary, so Kaizen means to get his little girl back. Dr. Vandalia would like to go get her himself, but Kaizen doesn’t yet trust him, that’s why Minotaur and crew are on the job.

cybernary_v1_004After Cybernary gives Trantor Wernick’s chips, Trantor turns over the information he has on Cisco. Turns out he’s part of a cyborg pig man… yeah… oh, and he’s being held on Minotaur’s crazy ass island. Before the crew can head out, Minotaur’s best gal Borgia attacks the team. She literally flies down on her Scooty Puff Jr. and starts messing Cybernary’s friends up. Cybernary isn’t having it and knocks Borgia’s jaw loose and steals her hoover scooter to go save Cisco.

Cybernary puts up a good fight, but she’s soon bested by Minotaur’s lesser goons. To be fair, there were a lot of them, firing from all directions, poor thing was just overwhelmed. She wakes up in the Minotaur’s labyrinth which leads her to find Cisco-cyborg-pig-man in an arena vs. her! When she eventually defeats this abombination of an ex-boyfriend she sets her eyes on Minotaur. Minotaur isn’t dumb, so he traps Cybernary and orders Gila to kill her. Before Gila can get a shot off Borgia shows up and tells them that Cybernary is the Nympho-Droid that Kaizen sent them after in the first place, and it’d be a stupid call to kill her at this moment.

cybernary_v1_005Kaizen has spies everywhere and doesn’t like what he sees on all his little spy cams. To get Cybernary back he puts Dr. Vandalia’s head on a new body that looks like a god damn Millenium Falcon and sets him to the task of retrieving Cybernary. Vandalia fails, and Cybernary rips him to shreds this time. Maybe he’ll really be dead this time! Cybernary makes it out onto the beach of the island and is greeted by several of her friends, and bunny with a huge brain named Bunny. They all watch Minotaur Island burn as they sail away.

Continuity Corner:

  • We won’t see the Cybernary again until she pull’s Slayton’s bacon out of the flames during the “Fire from Heaven” crossover.
  • Then again, that’s much earlier than when we’ll see Miranda and Cisco again, that won’t happen until the “Savant Garde” book starts up, and we won’t even know Cisco is there hiding in plain sight for a few issues either.
  • Speaking of Cisco, we don’t see Cybernary leave Minotaur’s island with any pieces of Cisco, how does she get him into that big green robot body later?
  • Don’t weep for Minotaur’s island, it’ll be rebuilt and DV8 will visit it in “DV8” issue XX
  • Also… Fart Man? Really? I get being a Howard Stern fan, but really, Fart Man as part of Minotaur’s entourage? Maybe have him walking the streets of Gamorra or something instead,  you know like Rebner had already done with Jay and Silent Bob in “the Price.”
  • Ok, time to talk about something confusing… the Gamorra Family, specifically Kaizen and his relationship to Yumiko. So we all know that John Colt impersonated Kaizen Gamorra for years. I mean, we don’t know when he started, but we know he started sometime after the ’60s and well before the early ’90s. When we see the real Kaizen Gamorra we find that he doesn’t look much like the fake Kaizen Gamorra, unalike enough so that no one would confuse the two. My question is, when was Yumiko Gamorra born? Is she the real Kaizen Gamorra’s daughter, or is she John Colt’s kid? Did John replace Kaizen early enough in Yumiko’s life that she’s only ever known John as her father and doesn’t notice the difference? At the very least, after the 2006 reboot, she saw the real Kaizen as her true father, but that doesn’t mean it was always supposed to be the case in the earlier version. Truth be told, there’s so much left open-ended here for us to have some wild ideas! Seriously, she looks young enough that she could’ve been John Colt’s kid and been half Kherubim.

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WSU vs. Michael Cray 2

MichaelCray_002I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing, and frankly, looking at the view numbers, you readers do too! Admittedly, I have no idea where Hill, Harris and Ellis are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board for what this team is bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “Michael Cray” that came out earlier this week.


New vs. Old

Hector Morales / Powerhaus
Hector_MCHector_WSUBack in the old WSU Hector was a member of the DV8 team and he had the power to turn emotions into muscle mass. Basically, toss hate his way, he’ll grow big and kick your ass. This version of Hector is coming across as much more of a master thinker, to lay traps for an enemy, or at least guide them into one. Basically, a good tactician. This version of Hector seems not to be a clone, as far as we can tell. The new Hector does seem to keep a similar hairstyle to the old one, too.

Leon Carver / Frostbite
Leon_MCLeon_WSULeon was also a member of the DV8 team in the old WSU and had the power to remove heat, super-cooling areas. Almost like ice powers, but not quite. This new version of Leon seems to be another military tactician type like the new Hector is, but Leon on specializes in predicting how an enemy will be attacking. Honestly, he’s the one we get very little hints about. Other than the look and powers, this new Leon could very well be like the old Leon for all we know, that is to say, pretty loyal and level-headed who garners the respect of his co-workers easily.

Victoria / Flint
Victoria_MCFlint_WSUVictoria was better known as Flint in the old WSU and was a member of StormWatch and StormWatch : Team Achilles. Her power was that she was strong and could not be hurt. The only thing that harmed her was acidy spit from a Xenomorph, and that only even left a scar. This new version seems to be a good shot a bit more sarcastic and is bold enough to follow Cray.

New and What We Don’t Know

Dr. Shahi
DrShiha_MCWho is she? Should we know her? I’m not placing her at all. She’s totally a character to keep an eye on. Hell, Christine even tells Cray the same thing! Coincidently enough, Dr. Shahi features a prominant scar on her cheek, much like the old WSU version of Flint did.


SisterWe meet a young woman who introduces herself as Queen’s sister, and then admits that they are not actually biologically related. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be Thea or not. Based on the last issue I’d thought Thea was a maid type, if this is Thea, then she is someone who is like a sister to Oliver that he can trust to do his dirty work. Meaning this version of Thea is possibly more of a cross between Thea Queen from “Arrow” and Mia Deardon from the DCU than simply just a version of one of them.

Michael’s Team
Looks like we’re getting Michael’s team together! No sexy ninjas though. I wasn’t sure if they’d all be new twists on old WSU characters but was pleasantly surprised that they all were.

Michael’s Powers
CraysPowersThis is more of a half-answer at best. We’ve seen Michael’s powers go off a few times. In both of the instances that involved a living being (Jacob and that poor mouse), it seemed both surprising to him and caused an explosion. When he uses it on Oliver it doesn’t seem as surprising to him and Oliver’s arm doesn’t explode, it just catches on fire and disappears, much like that cup did back in “the Wild Storm.” Is Michael gaining some kind of mastery over his powers? Is he coming to expect what sets them off? Can he control if it is a big explosion or just a tiny disintegration? So yeah, a bit of an answer, but a lot more questions!

DCU Connections

Barry Allen / the Flash
Barry_MCHe’s a bad cop. I’m sure we’ll be finding out more about him in the next issue. Barry Allen is the Flash in the DCU, a speedster, who, yes, works for the police department. I may be wrong but he seems like a regular cop type here and not a forensic investigator.

One Last Thing

Christine and Seeds
ChristineSeedsWhen Christine is talking to Oliver’s sister at the end of the issue Christine compares the girl to a seed. Christine states that she’s planting the girl to see what grows. More than just a pretty metaphor, it is a reference to the old WSU version of Christine, where her power was activating superpowers in beings known as “seedlings.” Christine and seeds, no matter the universe those two things go hand in hand.

Other comparisons of the old WildStorm Universe to the new one found in “The Wild Storm” & “Michael Cray.”

“Union” Vol. 2 issues 7 – 9 and “Union : Final Vengeance”

This entry covers “Union” volume two issues 7 – 9 and “Union : Final Vengeance” issue 1 by Mike Heisler, Pop Mahn, Allen Im, Carlos Mota, Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Whilce Portacio, Scott Clark, Chuck Gibson, John Lowe, Gary Martin, Mark Pennington, John Tighe, Mark Irwin, Rene Micheletti and Sal Regla.

union_v1_007Jill is unhappy with Union. Union keeps ignoring Jill to fight crime. Jill gets more fed up and leaves his ass for a stranger she met in an alley one day. That stranger saved her from some thugs. This stranger? Oh, he’s just Regent, the bad guy from Aegena, where he and Union grew up. Yup, that Regent! Turns out Mr. Douchebag engineered the whole alley attack on Jill thing just to steal her and then beat Union’s ass. Really, when you do that, you know you’re the bad guy, right Regent? There’s no possible way you thought you were doing something positive right? But to be fair, Regent seems pretty a-ok with his evilness. Dude is owning it!

And by owning it, I mean really mean owning it! You see, Regent has killed Union’s best friend Maikone! Then he kicked Union’s booty and paraded it around NYC for a few hours before taking Union’s unconscious body and tossing it into the sea. Sounds like a real bastard, no? Not only that but like every good villain Regent monologues like a real sonuvabitch, revealing that Union really didn’t kill all those Directorate soldiers back in Chichester. That was just a failsafe that went off when Regent’s pop died. A failsafe that Regent put into his own dad’s justice stone! Union only survived because he was in the eye of the storm, so to speak.

While Union is chilling at the bottom of the ocean, we find out that Regent has not only kidnapped Jill, but he’s also kidnapped Union’s former main squeeze from back home, Eliya. He’s holding both of them captive on his secret hidden base, in outer freakin’ space! Eventually, Union’s justice stone wakes him and leads him to said space base. That’s when all hell breaks loose!


Union goes in hot, and after a rocky start is holding his own against Regent. Meanwhile, Eliya and Jill get loose from the cages Regent was holding them in. Regent decides he’s not going to stand for a lowly Protectorate beating him up, so he tries to implant a second justice stone on this body! This just gives him more than he knows what to do with and Regent just starts blasting everything, resulting in ripping his satellite of loserdom apart. In the middle of this Regent tries to teleport away, but due to the doubled up justice stones he becomes some kind of portal/gate/black hole and sucks up everything, including Eliya, right in front of Union and Jill, who remain unharmed and unsucked up.

Union and Jill return to Earth and decide to live off the fake rich playboy life that Regent had constructed for himself. It’s not much, but it’s all they have except each other. And with these two, it’s a guess on how long that’s going to last.

Continuity Corner:

  • Not only was Union not paying attention to Jill when he should have, but he’s also been blowing off StormWatch and he got a real dressing down from Bendix for not being around when he’s needed.
  • The first few pages of issue 9 we are introduced to Data Assimilation Bureau of I/O consisting of Agents Kroger and Hanley and they both report to Director Sterling. I’m not sure we ever see these characters again. But if I’m wrong, let me know! They also refer to Director Rios and we’ll see him again in a lot of upcoming books. First in “Black Ops” but soon after that in pretty much any book that deals with I/O because he becomes the new director (until Ivana manages to steal that position from him.)
  • Union makes a big comeback in “Fire from Heaven” which in all actuality was published well before “Union : Final Vengeance.” “Final Vengeance” had several delays but indeed was set before “Fire from Heaven” according to the final letter collum.
  • Jill, however, we’re not going to see again. Maybe she finally left Union’s ass for good and that’s the reason for the despondency that leads to his suicide in “the Authority” volume one issue 21.
  • Also, I don’t recall that we ever see the final fate of Eliya and Regent. Which is a shame as I liked Eliya a lot and would have loved to see the proposed “Union” relaunch with her at the center.
  • During his fight with Regent, Union loses his staff. Don’t worry, he’ll steal one off of his alternate universe doppelganger The Sword in “Fire from Heaven.” Hrm… having an evil dude’s staff in your justice stone… maybe this is also something that leads to Union’s horrible last moments.

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“Cybernary” Back Ups & Vol. 1 issue 1

This entry covers the “Cybernary” stories from “Deathblow/Cybernary” volume one issues 1 through 3, the “Cybernary” story from “Deathblow” volume one issue 4 and “Cybernary” volume one issue 1 by Brandon Choi, Jim Lee, Steve Gerber, Nick Manabat, Jeff Rebner and Richard Friend.

Cybernary_vol_0_001Alright, Cybernary is one of those books that reveals itself over the course of reading it. I’m going to present the story pretty much chronologically, not the order the story is told in. Why? Because I’m as boring as dry toast. Also, I’m imploring you to read these books as presented as Nick Manabat’s art on the first 4 short installments is fantastic and you should really get a look at them. My words will never do justice to that art, so I’m not even going to compete, hence my uninspired coverage!

“Cybernary” is all about how a girl named Kat, in a land of extreme have and have-nots, and how she tried to lead a revolution to save the less fortunate. Katrina, along with her “boyfriend” Cisco intercepts a dairy truck that is carrying weaponry. The idea is for that weaponry to be used to arm her and her fellow revolutionary types. Nothing, of course, can go this easy on Gamorra, and it isn’t long before Katrina and her rebel group are attacked by Gamorran madman Gila and an army of Hunter-Killers to get the weapons that were stolen from them.

While all their partners in crime were getting mowed down, Cisco and Kat are very close to getting free. While Kat makes it out, Cisco is snagged at the last second. Kat manages to track Cisco to the labs of one Dr. Vandalia in a Gamorra Industries building. Like most evil scientists in Gamorra, he’s totally given himself some kind of crazy-ass techno body. He’s doing his evil mad professor thing of replacing Cisco’s body with mechanical parts when Kat tries to stop him. For reasons known only to him, Vandalia takes a shine to Kat and offers her Cisco’s life for hers. He even goes so far as to offer return Cisco to his organic state before letting him go. Kat sheds a tear and takes him up on the horrible deal.

Cybernary_vol_0_002What Dr. Vandalia has in mind is to turn her into a gift for Kaizen Gamorra. He’s reshaped her ears, as well as some other questionable “upgrades” to make her more resemble a high-end Gammoran Nympho-Droid. While working on this “gift” Vandalia has fallen behind on the latest upgrades to the ever-present Hunter-Killers. A man by the name of Mr. Chang goes to confront Vandalia on his slacking off, and takes Yumiko, the bosses daughter, as a power play move. It doesn’t quite go the way Chang would like and he leaves in a huff, Yumiko, however, stays behind.

Yumiko is trying to smooth things over with Dr. Vandalia as best she can, but she makes a simple, costly mistake. She reminds Vandalia and Kaizen Gamorra can have any woman he wants, so what would make even the greatest Nympho-Droid useful to him? Valdalia, always the messed up dick, decides to incapacitate Yumiko, hook her up to a bunch of machinery, remove her consciousness from her body, download it into a computer chip, and then install that computer chip in Kat’s brain. So yeah, now this crazily advanced cyborg now has two distinct personalities in a single body, and one is Kaizen Gamorra’s only child. Oh, and they both HATE Dr. Vandalia now.

Suddenly, a door in Vandalia’s lab is blown clean open as a charred body flies through it. Sensing an opportunity, Kat/Yumiko kick the stuffing out of Dr. Vandalia and make their escape. They find their savior is one Mr. Michael Cray. While they didn’t know him at first, the Yumiko side searched her data banks and noticed that he was a sworn enemy of the Gamorra Clan, and thusly our 2-in-1 heroine, slunk back into the shadows to avoid him.

Cybernary_vol_1_001Once free of the Gamorra Industry building they were trapped in, our gals are suddenly being pursued by a bunch of HKs. The ladies make short work of the green guys, and their little dogs too. But after mistiming a single grenade explosion, the body that the women inhabit crashes to the ground a goes limp. She’s picked up by the underground inhabitants known as the Techno-Dwarves who mean to scavenger the body for spare parts. While investigating their new prize they start to learn it’s history and that it is no ordinary Nympho-Droid. Because of this, one of the Techno-Dwarves accidentally fries his mind trying to interface with it. After this, the Techno-Dwarves send in a small cyborg named Miranda to talk to the Nympho-Droid and get information the old-fashioned way. Come on boys, don’t be scared to talk to pretty girls.

Meanwhile, all manner of creature are out looking for Kat/Yumiko. Minotaur is on the hunt at the behest of Kaizen. Mr. Chang is on the case because he knows that something crazy is up with all the destruction of Gamorra Industries property brought on by both Cray and Kat/Yumiko, and he means to find the party still on the island. For all his troubles Chang finds a scavenger named Guggen who lets him know that there’s no body here for him to retrieve, even if he wanted to get mixed up in all this mess. At this point, Chang gives up, but Minotaur and his crew won’t be stopped and will continue to pursue our girls for as long as it takes to capture them.

Continuity Corner:

  • Vandalia’s lab and even the “man” himself is very reminiscent of the HK lab that Cannon found in “StormWatch” volume one issue 18’s backup story.
  • While it was originally intended that when the “Deathblow/Cybernary” flip-book was coming out, they were occurring at the same time (this was in the letter pages) we now see that that cannot be the case. Those issues open with a Cybernary free of her creators running around before being captured by the Techno-Dwarves and having her origin recounted. It’s not until her proper series begins that we even see the conclusion of her story concerning her escape from her creators. She recounts the escape story as happening in the not too recent past, but based on Chang’s yelling, at the start of “Cybernary” volume one issue 1, her escape happened the night before, so these stories happen sooner than I’d previously thought! Like, right after Cray’s adventures in Gamorra in “Deathblow” volume one issues 17 through 19.

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“StormWatch” Vol. 1 issues 28 & 29

This entry covers “StormWatch” volume one issues 28 and 29 by Jeff Mariotte, Ron Lim, and Robert Jones, and of course the “Fuji” backup story from issue 29 by Barbara Kesel, Mike S. Miller, and Randy Elliot.

StormWatch_v1_028What we have here is two really interesting issues of “StormWatch.” To be honest, it really feels like they’re trying to reboot the series with both a new StormWatch team and a militaristic team of non-superpowered people known as StormForce. It’s an odd road to go down, throwing a lot of new characters at the readers once the last big story arc ended and we finally got Jackson King back.

This story revolves around the Dr. Martin Krug. He’s not only cooking up horrible viruses, but he’s also creating superpowered beings, as well as hiring them to cause international incidents that may tip the whole world towards war. Henry Bendix sends StormForce to find Krug’s lab to find his latest virus so that StormWatch and nutralize it as well as create vaccines for it. Bendix sends the new StormWatch team to find a man who set off a bomb in Berlin, who somehow survived that blast. That man is called LittleJohn, and he works for Krug. LittleJohn also has superpowered evil asshole friends named Tripwire, Vise and Jackrabbit who are ready to defend both him and Krug from nosy U.N. strikeforce types.

The new StormWatch team consisting of Swift (fast flying bird-gal), Flint (skin hard as a rock and muscles to match), Comanche (shapeshifter) and Blademaster (uh… a master of blades) go to confront LittleJohn and pals, while a photo-journalist named Nick Chaplin is hired to follow and snap pics of their first adventures. Seems that StormWatch and the U.N. are out for a little good PR after Despot, Spartan and Jackson did a number on NYC a few weeks back.

During the fight in an isolated forest in Germany, Chaplin gets bored and starts to wander. I can see why, seeing a bunch of characters fight that I have zero investment in is kinda boring. In his wandering, he comes across a building. He first thought is to find a way on top of it to get some good distance shots of the super-fight, but once he steps inside he sees that this old farmhouse isn’t exactly what it seems to be. You guessed it, it is the lab of Dr. Krug and he has a lot of failed experiments lying around. Not just that, but he’s got a couple frat guys from I/O telling Chaplin all about how Krug has been helping I/O work on creating superpowered beings for them. Craven, will you stop at nothing to get your own supergroup?

StormWatch_v1_029Eventually, a fight breaks out with Krug and the I/O goons versus Chaplin. For some dumbass reason, Chaplin picks up a beaker full of fluid and threatens to toss it in Krug’s eyes. Krug basically shrugs his shoulders and says “No, you.” and shoots the beaker causing all the liquid to fly into Chaplin’s eyes. The now “blind” Chaplin now has light bending powers and can still kinda see, just not like normal. He’s basically a mash-up of Daredevil and Dazler. He takes out the I/O goons, Dr. Krug and the four jerks that were kicking the ass of the new StormWatch team. He’s given the name Prism and joins StormWatch.

Meanwhile, StormForce does their job, gets the virus sample, captures all the mad scientists for interrogation and destroys the compound killing off all the remaining virus samples. Done so easily. That’s what you get when you send in professionals, no one needs to be bailed out by an accidentally superpowered photo-journalist.

In the backup story, we see Fuji up on the SkyWatch II as it is being built. He encounters a man going by the name or title Black Knight who is either trying to break into SkyWatch II or attach some fancy machinery to the hull. Fuji or course stops him and turns him over to the StormForce personnel on the satellite. Then he looks towards the Earth, recalling why it is all worth fighting for and stating that Fuji’s strength will always be a part of StormWatch.

Continuity Corner:

  • I have to say, not a lot of this new StormWatch team had sticking power outside of Swift and Flint. And even with Flint, she kind of disappeared after “StormWatch” volume two ended until “StormWatch : Team Achilles” started several years later.
  • We do see Blademaster, Comanche, and Prism all get fired in “StormWatch” volume one issue 28, and that’s the last we see of Comanche but the other two do pop up again.
  • Blademaster went deep into comic book limbo before coming back only to die in the first issue of “StormWatch : PHD.” Eventually, his title and blades were taken up by a young woman who would work along with the old StormWatch team in “StormWatch : PHD” and “The Authority : Prime.”
  • The next time we see Prism he’s become a drunk hobo on the streets of Los Angeles in “Hazard” issue 7.
  • StormForce also seemed to have continued on in some fashion but unseen to us comic readers, as they also figure into Blademasters death in “StormWatch : PHD” issue 1. Although this could be a consequence of the slightly altered WildStorm Universe after the end of “Caption Atom : Armageddon.”
  • Seeing as how the name of the operative that Fuji stops is “Black Knight” I think that he might have been an I/O employee. What with their Black Razors, Black Hammers and such. I/O spying on StormWatch, I mean, it’s a thing, it’s why Craven wanted Backlash as a part of StormWatch, makes sense that now that he’s gone and a new satellite is being built that Craven would want to know what’s going on up there still.

NEXT: “Union” volume two issues 7 – 9 and “Union : Final Vengeance” issue 1 by Mike Heisler, Pop Mahn, Allen Im, Carlos Mota, Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Whilce Portacio, Scott Clark, Chuck Gibson, John Lowe, Gary Martin, Mark Pennington, John Tighe, Mark Irwin, Rene Micheletti and Sal Regla.


WSU vs. The Wild Storm 8

The Wild Storm (2017-) 008-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board for what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out earlier this week.


New vs. Old

Shen Li-Men / Swift / the Doctor
Shen tWSShen WSUShen is back, she has… uh… not real wings now. In the old WildStorm continuity, she had wings and could grow talons, basic bird powers. These wings don’t seem to be real, but a manifestation of the hallucination she uses to introduce the Bleed to, so she can fix them. She’s also the Doctor again like she was at the very end of the old WSU. Also, she’s in Amsterdam meeting Jenny for the first time, much like where our most famous Jenny & Doctor (Ms. Sparks and Jeroen) met for the first time in the old WSU.

the Doctors
Looks like past Doctors are still in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, or as Shen calls it “their own private Heaven,” and are still there as for council for the current Earthbound Doctor. Not seeing too much difference in their function of helping and healing humanity, only different faces that we saw in the old continuity.

“THEM” / Century Babies
THEMOne of the past Doctors mentions what Jenny is and refers to the type of person she is as “Them” and how they are around to protect the world as a planetary defense mechanism. They also talk of the rarity of this group and how they’re always an indicator of trouble ahead. In the old WSU we had a group known as “the Century Babies” who were all born on Jan 1st, 1900 (except one born on Jan 1st, 1901) and were to protect humanity. Same concept, but unnamed in the “the Wild Storm.” Jenny Sparks was the first Century Baby we knew on the old WSU, and the next most known would be Elijah Snow (there was a handful more, each with a different function.)

So yeah, Jenny has been outed to be a techne, a spirit of the mechanical arts. When Shen ventures into Jenny’s conscious I think we see past Jenny iterations from throughout time.

Bram-tWSBram WSUThere’s no way this is the new version of the Metropolitan from “the Monarchy” is it? I mean, they’re both pretty hipsterish for their times, yeah?

But no. No, no no. No way in hell. Just a coincidence…


New and What We Don’t Know

Cooperative Clade Species
Jacobs StoryJacob explains in his story (more below) that he’s from an alien race that lives concurrently with differently evolved beings from the same ancestral source. He mentions that there are five of these species that traveled space as representatives of their planet. From what is said by Angela, that it explains why he is a different size and structure than John and Kenesha, we can guess that the three of them comprise at least 2 of the 5 species, if not 3. Angela knows what they look like on the inside individually, we the reader currently don’t, Kenesha and John might not be so similar under their skin. We also don’t know if Lucy is a part of one of the known species or not. So she’s either one of the 2 that we’re sure of, or she’s a possible 3rd or 4th. This leaves me of 2 minds. The first is this, if we are counting Jacob, Kanesha, John, and Lucy each as different species of the same clade collective then what would be the 5th? Is it the Daemon that we saw? Could this tie into the alien that we saw in the last issue that wasn’t quite what we know as Daemon and walked like our known Kera, Jacob? Is that their common ancestral species? We could still see the Daemon as one of the clade species, count Jacob as another, and then see Kanesha, John, and Lucy as all members of a single species leaving us with 2 more to find out about. Perhaps a new version of the Titanthropes from the old WSU?

Daemons in Jenny
Jennys Heart and DaemonWhen Shen is checking out Jenny’s consciousness she gets to a mechanical heart with two Daemons standing outside of it. Seriously? WTF? Are Daemons responsible for Jennys?


Jacob’s Story
Kherans In SpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaceJacob lets Angela in on his story. How he is from a species that lives side by side other linear subspecies from the same ancestral species. Also how representatives from 5 of these got on a spaceship to check out Earth. He warned of the Gaian Bottleneck which is that life rarely evolves fast enough to survive, and the reason why he and his pals ventured to Earth was the fact that they were still relatively new in the Universe and had evolved pretty quickly already. It seems that he and the other aliens he came with got stranded on Earth and so made it a point to help humanity side step the Gaian Bottleneck by helping them evolve as speedily as possible, hence why he set up Halo. It’s a big story, but we find out later there’s much more to it that he’s just not telling Angela for now.

Cole was I.O.
Cole IOLooks like our old buddy Cole was for sure a member of I.O. and was even in a CAT while with them. He was supposed dead by I.O. until recently. In the old WSU Cole was indeed a member of a special ops team employed by I/O called “Team 7.” No word currently if Michael Cray and Cole know each other from their I.O. days in “the Wild Storm” like they did in the old WSU.

Her name is, indeed, Jenny Sparks
Mei Middle Name
That’s right. We were calling her Jenny Media, or Jenny Social, and it turns out, she’s just Jenny Sparks again, only this time she has her middle name inserted, so it’s Jenny Mei Sparks. Hey, Jenny Sparks is a rad name, I’m glad we’re going with it!

One Last Thing
Petal Trip
Shen’s trip reminds me of Elija Snow’s from “Planetary”

snow trip

More issue comparisons of the old WildStorm Universe to “The Wild Storm.”

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