WSU vs. the Wild Storm 11

The Wild Storm 11AI know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out last week.


New vs. Old

Science City Zero vs. U.S. Science City Zero

When Bendix is telling Lauren about the reason for the I.O./Skywatch treaties we find out about Science City Zero. While there were a few science cities in the old WSU (a Russian one was seen in an issue of “DV8”) the main one was U.S. Science City Zero ran by Dr. Dowling in “Planetary.” This new one was run by the new version of John Lynch. Science City Zero is funded by I.O. and Russia, unlike U.S. Science City Zero which was just an American science city. It’s where Dr. Dowling would perform experiments on people, resulting in superpowers for some, but mostly just messed them up. Also, U.S. Science City Zero was eventually abandoned, unlike Science City Zero which got blown up by Skywatch.

Cole & Lucy’s Relationship
theTeachesOfLucyZannahGrifterKissyFaceAt the end of this issue, we find out that this version of Cole and Lucy have a past. Much like the old WSU where Cole and Zannah were a couple for several years, but broke up and continued to work together. In both cases it seems that Cole was trained in battle by Lucy/Zannah, but “the Wild Storm” version of the couple seemed to have gone their separate ways quite a while ago. In both cases, it seems that Cole still harbors a crush on the lady, and in both cases, the lady does what she wants despite that. The old Zannah would sometimes just kiss Cole out of nowhere and wonder why he’d get upset because he knows it isn’t going to work out. Lucy just full on tells Cole that he belongs to her! Woah!

New & What We Don’t Know

What Exactly Science City Zero is For
Right now we’re not sure what John Lynch, I.O., and the Russians were up to at Science City Zero. Something big enough to fight Skywatch over to keep hidden at least.


SkyWatch & I.O.’s Treaty
Bendix lets Lauren in (and the readers) in on why the treaty between I.O and SkyWatch was created. It is basically to keep them from destroying each other or from the rest of the world from finding out about either of them. See, if the public finds out about either it’ll be bad news for both organizations and possibly the world in general.

John Lynch Info
Straight from Bendix’s mouth, the new John Lynch has a white eye just like the old one did! No mention of scars or kick-ass sideburns.

Angie’s Project

We finally see what Angie has been working on in Jacob’s secure location. It’s making her dry suit sleeker. Seems as if she removed much of the liquid interface from herself, upgraded it and then pumped it back into herself. Oddly (to her and to us) she doesn’t manage to get it all back in… I’m sure that won’t backfire in some way… She boots up the new dry suit and it looks a lot more like the old school WSU version of the Engineer, with a thin coating of silver encasing her. Then she armors up and looks like something out of “Bubblegum Crisis!” So yeah, she’s right, she looks very cool!

DCU Connections

Wonder Woman
WWBedWhen we see Jenny and Shen wake up in Jenny’s room, we see them under a bedspread with the Wonder Woman logo on it. I have to assume that the version Wonder Woman in “the Wild Storm” is also a fictional character which is very much the same as the one in our world and aptly marketed as such. Just a guess though.

Ambush Bug
IrwinWe see Lucy check her phone and it reads “Ambush Bug : Target Device is Listening for You.”  We can guess that this is an app that you can use to set up a listening channel on another device. It seems that Mitch’s phone is Lucy’s target considering that we see this right after Mitch is on his phone. Later on, when back in contact with his phone Mitch and Jackie mentions Cole and how they think he’s an operative for Skywatch. That’s the exact info that Lucy passes to Cole later, so yeah, it’s an app that bugs other electronic that can listen. Oh, yeah, and in the DCU Ambush Bug was a character that used small electronics that he could teleport between to get a jump on whoever he was fighting. He started out as a kind of mischievous villain but then got more comical, less villain-y and even broke the fourth wall, Deadpool style.

One Last Thing
I said it last time we saw the two of them together for an extended amount of time, but I live for Bendix and Lauren hanging out and talking. Their work relationship and demeanor towards each other cracks me up. I literally laughed out loud reading this book, much to the confusion and annoyance of my cat, Mr. Pants. (Who unlike Streaky, is not history’s greatest monster.)

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“WildC.A.T.s” Vol. 1 issues 23 & 24

This entry covers “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issues 23 & 24 by Alan Moore, Ryan Benjamin, Jason Johnson, Art Thibert, Terry Austin, Tom McWeeney, Hakjoon Kang, Andy Owens and Harry Thuran.

27071_20060303155409_largeAt long last, we get back to the flagship title of this WildStorm Universe! Man, I love these characters. I’m not just talking about the main team that’s stranded on Khera, I’m also talking about the makeshift team back on Earth. Bless Alan Moore, or whoever at WildStorm gave him the idea to assemble that team. Ladytron and Tao are the only characters that were created for the new series, so somebody is a genius for the (obvious) team-up of Savant and Majestic but also pulling in Cole’s little brother, Max. I could literally read another 20 issues of the teams being separate and their adventures on Earth and in space. I’ve always been happy with what we got, but this run looms large in my head, and I’ve always wanted more.

To the matter at hand. I’m going to split this recap up, I’ll do the Earth team’s issues first, then the Khera team’s issues. It just keeps this easier to recap, still best to read them as they are presented.

On Earth, the team is breaking into the home of H.A.R.M. of the Troika. Seems as if Slag and Attica are out of town so the new WildC.A.T.s team decides to take on one of the old team’s enemies. I believe the team is meaning to apprehend H.A.R.M. and then put him into stasis like they did with Ladytron when they first got her. I guess by that I mean that is the rest of the team’s idea, I’m pretty sure that Tao meant for the big lug to end up dead the whole time. If H.A.R.M. didn’t die then there’s no raid on his funeral later, leading to no apprehending of Slag and Attica, thus no distraction during their break out for Tao to make his escape when his plan falls apart later on. The best part of the “Capture/Kill H.A.R.M. Plan” is when Majestic drops Ladytron through the roof of H.A.R.M.s place as an ambush. She wasn’t sure she was going to survive the drop, and she’d only just found out dropping her was the plan during her fall. In true Maxine Manchester fashion, she hilariously stuck the landing.


Because we’re in the future we all know what an evil git that Tao is, so it is kind of fun seeing him take advantage of Maxine’s bloodlust knowing that if she landed on H.A.R.M.s head she’d try to rip off his noggin, exposing his brain. Then knowing Majestic would take enough action to scare H.A.R.M. towards the back entrance where Max and Savant had already snuck in. Either move H.A.R.M. made, be it threatening Max or Savant once he found them, would always result in Tao taunting Max about his brother’s shooting abilities and mentioning H.A.R.M.s exposed brain. Kind of brilliant in a sadistic way. That’s our Tao!

On the topic of sadistic, the team decides that they might as well crash H.A.R.M.’s funeral and see what other baddies they can nab. This is all going down at the Church of Gort, a religion created by and for cyborgs. The team does damage to the floor as they bust up through the catacombs and they manage to take down Attica pretty swiftly. Slag proves more complicated until that uncouth bastard Tao decides to subdue Slag with some liquid metal. Why is this so extra heinous? Because the super-hot liquid metal was the melted down remains of H.A.R.M. that were going to be used to cast his grave. Ew. For good measure, the team also take in Deathtrap as a bonus, even though he was just there paying his respects to a fallen comrade.

27072_20060303155425_largeOk, let’s get to space where… well… things aren’t looking so keen on Khera and Void is the only one that seems to notice or care. In her looking for where the heck Pris is she checks in with each member of her old team. Jeremy is looking to go see the sights of Khera. Reno is learning more about his powers from a Kherubim Lord at the Shaper’s Guild. Zannah is back with her Coda where she is being treated like the high queen she is. Zannah is becoming kind of a jerk, she’s not alone, Emp is too but we won’t see that just yet. The power of local politics amplifing the worst of people and all that. When Void meets up with Spartan she sees him playing with other Spartan guards. He fills her in on the Kherubim Senate seat that Zannah and Emp are each after and compares Emp’s side to Republicans and Zannah’s to the Ku Klux Klan.

It takes some time for Void to find Pris, but once she does she’s in for a surprise. Turns out that Pris wasn’t out all night dancing in a nightclub like literally, everyone thought. Seriously, how shallow are they all and how shallow do they all think Pris is? Pris reveals that she’s been staying in a Daemonite ghetto since they landed on Khera. Why there? Because she has Daemonite blood. Why is there a Daemonite ghetto? Oh, for all the refugees of the Kherubim/Daemonite war. Refugees? Why yes, see, the war, well that’s been done 300 some years. Uh…. what?


Jeremy’s sightseeing takes him to an area underground called “Down-Town” where everyone looks like him. We’ve always seen other Kherubims and they’ve looked human, only Jeremy ever turned another color, now we know why. Technically, he’s Titanothrope, not Kherubim. Well. Kind of. Turns out that the Titanothropes are native to Khera, the Kherubim just took over their planet and made second-class citizens of the native population. Jeremy is finding all this out from a young woman he meets name Glingo, who he starts to develop a crush on. It isn’t long before Jeremy finds himself challenged by a local boy named Baxa. Baxa is Glingo’s brother and he doesn’t like Jeremy hitting on his lil sis. Of course, the challenge is a fight, and Jeremy uses his brains and beats Baxa, what does he win? Surprise, it’s Glingo! Oh Jeremy, what a pickle you’ve found yourself in now. Just looking for a little fun in what seems like paradise and you end up with an alien fiance. Jeremey’s excited confusion is replaced by frustrated confusion as soon as he gets back to his hotel room and finds Void, Pris and Reno looking pretty damn dour. Yikes! Odd day out for all the non-elite WildC.A.T. team members.

Continuity Corner:

  • The Earth events of “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue #24 occur the day before issue #25 based on Majestic’s naration in issue #25, which means that most of “Deathblow” volume one issue #24 and “Gen13” volume two issues #8 & #9 are all happening at the same time.
  • Intentional or not, seeing Deathtrap without the other Mercs at the funeral is showing us the man’s softer side, leading to his eventual doubts about the mercenary lifestyle that he starts to have.
  • Arresting Deathtrap must’ve been a real wildcard for Tao. He goes with it, despite not knowing where it will lead. He thinks he makes the most of it when he tricks Hellstrike in “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue #25 into taking some spy-tech on to SkyWatch II, but he’s mistaken. Ultimately it is Deathtrap questioning how the whole crime war got started and then putting it together for Cole that Tao is behind it all. If Deathtrap wasn’t at the funeral he would’ve never mentioned that while taunting Cole and then have all the other info spill out. One of the few things Tao couldn’t account for that lead to his undoing.
  • I’m going to have to guess that the Daemonites that were coming to join Helspont on “Reunification Day” in “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue #4 were all either hardline supporters of a war centuries over or just homeless Daemonites that didn’t have anything better to do.
  • I’ve always been bothered that Jeremy stays in his Maul form this whole run. Not once does he go back to normal nerdy Jeremy Stone self. What’s wrong with looking like that guy on an alien planet, huh?

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“Black Ops” issues 1 & 2

This entry covers “Black Ops” issues 1 & 2 by Shon Bury, Dan Norton, and Sandra Hope.

blackops_001I’m just going to get this out of the way, the premise of this book is that there’s an undercover I/O Black Razor team out there doing missions. The only person at I/O that knows about them is John Lynch. Lynch is no longer with I/O so there’s no one to either call them back home or vouch for them as I/O employees. Also, Miles Craven is doing business with the main dude they are going after, so this book is pretty much I/O vs. I/O. Why do I want to get that out of the way? Because, maybe it’s just me, but I kept getting this confused the first few times I read it.

The I/O Black Ops team is who we are concerned with. The team consists of Shire, GQ, Redbird and Jason Takomi with Geek back at the safehouse. Don’t get attached to Takomi, he bites it right away on the big I/O mission against a company called Spectrum. Spectrum is a company that manufactures machines of war and is selling them to the highest bidder. The man that runs Spectrum is Gennady Markov and he’s pissed that all the CEOs of Spectrum have been murdered by this black ops team. He goes running to Miles Craven because Spectrum is I/O. Of course, it is! It is an evil corporation profiting off war, damn straight Craven is involved. Craven makes it a point to let Markov know that whoever did this will be dealt with.

An aside: I’m wondering if Lynch knew that Spectrum was involved with Craven and I/O? Is this one of his last few acts as an I/O employee trying to take down the bad elements of the company he works for? We all knew he was paying a visit to the Gen13 compound because he was wanting to see what they were up to, and that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. If the Black Ops team found out that they were fighting I/O and reported that to Lynch would he have taken flight from I/O with them instead?

So the undercover Black Razor team (our heroes) get a visit from an I/O Black Hammer team. While this is going on, Geek is getting an encrypted file from a mysterious someone inside I/O. The Black Ops team now knows they are on their own as they just fended themselves off from other I/O agents. While jetting away on their plane, the Talon, Geek cracks the code and it is leading them to a former I/O Black Razor leader named Donovan J. Crane, currently residing in Montana.

blackops_002Meanwhile, Miles Crane is telling the new I/O director, Alejandro Rios, that he wants the terrorists who shot up the Spectrum CEOs found and eliminated. Director Rios puts together a small group of I/O talent to talk it over, in attendance is Ben Santini as well as two women, one named Cathrine Kwan and one named Rose. Rios assures the room that he’s dealing with the situation, but if anyone in the room could be of help he’s ready to hear it. Not much happens here other than some I/O director drama.

The Black Ops team are getting a boatload of drama of their own. Namely, one Col.Crane who doesn’t want to be bothered. Things cool down so that they can eventually tell Crane their hard luck story. He kindly decides to train them, because the only reason he took them out so easily is that they’d become too reliant on their I/O gadgets and technology. Speaking of technology, while the rest of the team is training, Geek is building and upgrading a robot that he found in Crane’s backyard.

Just about the time that Geek is showing off his invention, named HERB, he also lets it slip that I/O has located the team and another Black Razor team is coming after them. Brace for a new fight Black Ops! Meanwhile, we see that Gen. Markov’s plan all along was to get enough I/O tech to build his own Black Hammer suit in order to make Russia great again.

Continuity Corner:

  • This book has a tough placement. The first two issues happen before “Deathblow” volume one issue 25 (the death of Miles Craven), and issues 3 through 5 happen after “Fire from Heaven” is over (Jack Lynch is back in La Jolla). When you get down to it though, the time in the WildStorm Universe from “Deathblow” volume one issue 24 through “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue 34 is only really a matter of a handful of days, like a week, tops. The problem is, is that there is a whole mess of books between issue 2 and issue 3, and it’s very easy to forget about these characters when you get to see them again.
  • It doesn’t help when there’s a reference on the first page of this book referring to Laslo making a heroin drop off the day before, a nod to “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue #21. Not sure if we are to suppose that Laslo got away as well after the events of that book, or that Laslo is already out on bail after the events of that book and back to his old drug slinging ways. Or if we are to suppose that this book takes place the day after “WildC.A.T.s” volume one issue #21. If so, then damn… I think this may be a time where my head canon/no prize explanation of the story makes it fit a little bit in the wider scheme of things.
  • We do have a reference that the last time the Black Ops team got a money drop was four months prior, so it’s been at least that long since Lynch left I/O.
  • Still not sure who that Rose woman was that we see at the I/O meeting. It wasn’t Rose Grady from the Black Razors. This book sure throws a lot of new characters at you, and pretty quickly, too!
  • In “Deathblow” volume one issue #24 we’ll find out why Alicia Turner isn’t at this I/O director’s meeting. Turns out she’s being held by the Brethren because she was caught trying to help former Team 7 members from getting their Gen-Factor sucked out.
  • I’m willing to buy that the time it took Col. Crane to train up the Black Ops team and the time it took I/O to find them that a week or two could’ve passed fitting this all into the timeline pretty well.
  • Lynch has twice left people out in the field. First with the Black Ops team then later with Holden Carver. Get your head together Lynch!

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“WildStorm!” issue 4

This entry covers “WildStorm!” issue 4 by Michael Jan Friedman, Merv, Sarah Becker, Ryan Odagawa, Tom Raney, Randy Green, Mark McKenna, Randy Elliot, John Tighe and Rich Ketchum.

WildStorm_004This issue of “WildStorm!” is all about StormWatch. It features three pretty inconsequential stories regarding different StormWatch personnel. One for Sunburst and Nautika, one for Malcolm King and one detailing the time Fahrenheit discovered her powers. These stories get better as the issue progresses.

Sunburst is feeling all down. Poor dude feels useless now that he’s confined to a wheelchair. His wife, Nautika, is trying to cheer him up and let him know that he can still be a useful member of StormWatch. As he is doubting her two fully suited jackasses board his boat and start to attack him and Nautika. After Sunburst gives these two rapscallions what for, he goes to save Nautika and she reveals that she’s fine and points out to him how much fight he is displaying. Turns out the terrorist bros are only Pagan and Undertow, who were asked by Nautika to help her with her little ruse to prove to Sunburst that he still has what it takes.

Malcolm King is being an asshole at a bar. The boy is trying to figure out if he should be more like his brother or more like his father. This is a mental crossroads that Malcolm has and will go back and forth on for his entire history. Today the coin comes up Despot side, so it’s time to be a jerk. In fact, it’s time to mac on a lady at the bar. A lady who is uninterested. In fact, her boyfriends seems more interested in Malcolm than she is, so he starts a brawl with Malcolm. This just leads Malcolm to torch the whole place using his Strafe powers, then steal the guys motorbike. Yup, Malcolm King is certainly being an asshole right now.

In our final story we find Fahrenheit and Cannon sparring in the “totally-not-the-Danger-Room-from-X-Men” as Flashpoint and Christine observe. Flashpoint makes some comment about how Fahrenheit must be a real pyromaniac. Christine let’s Flashpoint know that that’s rather unlikely. Turns out Fahrenheit’s father and sister both died in a fire. It all started when Pops Pennigton fell asleep in his recliner, dropped his lit cigar on a stack of newspapers and then spilled his 151 run across the floor. Suddenly he was on fire freaking on Fahrenheit, then due to the fire raging around them, the floor gave way and her sister fell down. Then Fahrenheit laid down, not thinking she’d make it out, and besides, her only family are now both dead and gone. This is when her powers started to kick in and flames didn’t harm her. She’s lucky nothing else fell on her. Young Fahrenheit made the news and Christine went to go meet her, in the hopes that she’d found another seedling. They met at the hospital and then Christine brought Fahrenheit to StormWatch and she started her illustrious career.

Continuity Corner:

  • This book mainly gets the placement it does because of the first story starring SunBurst and Nautika. After the “Fire from Heaven” crossover both Undertow and Pagan are fired from StormWatch. So, you know, they can’t come to the emotional rescue of SunBurst as members of said team. It is rather odd to see Undertow suddenly up and about, but let’s just say that aboard SkyWatch II they had the tech to make the boy great again!
  • Malcolm’s story could happen any time after he was released in “StormWatch” volume one issue 32 and when The Changers capture him in issue 48.
  • Fahrenheit’s story could have happened sooner than this placement, and might even be better read prior to “StormWatch” volume one issue 20, but only to keep Flashpoint and Cannon’s hairstyles consistent. Also, it can’t have happened any later due to Flashpoint’s status as a team member of “StormWatch” after “Fire from Heaven.” Ultimately, other than art, it has a fine placement here.

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WSU vs. The Wild Storm 10

The Wild Storm (2017-) 010-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing! Admittedly, I have no idea where Ellis is going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what he and his team are bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “the Wild Storm” that came out earlier this week.


New vs. Old

I think this is the first time that Bendix has been referred to as “Weatherman” in the comics. Still more of a position than a code name, but that was a nice touch.

the Mayor / Jack Hawksmoor
Hawksmoor_WSUITheMayor‘ll admit, I honestly didn’t see this one coming! We’re introduced to a character named the Mayor. He’s barefoot and standing outside a bodega, willing to talk about cities to anyone around. Much like the original Jack Hawksmoor he has ridged feet and wears a suit. Unlike the original Hawksmoor, he has long hair and can get through cities faster. In the old WSU when Hawksmoor didn’t have a Door to call on, he would curl up in a ball, the street would form a ball around him, and swallow him. A few hours later a new ball in a new city would rise out of the street and Hawksmoor would burst out. Diving into a street like it’s a pool seems much easier!

New & What We Don’t Know

What Angie Was Going to Say to Cole
AngiesQuestionCole wants to ask Angie if she can attach bombs to her little flying robot, and if they can use them to hack I.O. Before Cole asks her this, Angie says she has a question for Cole too, but after he mentions Kenesha is involved she clams up. Angie just doesn’t trust aliens.

Twice in this issue, we have references to Reptilian aliens. Shen correctly knows this as the Daemon. When Bendix brings this up it frustrates Lauren. Bendix states that knowledge of alien life is a core part of SkyWatch. Lauren still isn’t buying it. It seems Shen and Bendix are the only non-aliens to believe in the Daemon. Seems as if Jenny is coming around on it, and Lauren still thinks it is the imagination of Bendix’s drug-addled brain.


Event Shielding
We’ve had event shielding mentioned a few times, but we now finally have a better idea of what is going on.

Cray’s New Job
Henry Bendix gets a report from Christine Trelane about Michael Cray. He says that Trelane has Cray do jobs similar to what the SkyWatch Ground Division usually does, and that is taking care of superpowered beings. We saw Lucy do this in the first issue of the series, well, we caught her in the aftermath of that.

Cray’s Tumor
Bendix reveals that by looking over Trelane’s reports that he knows that Cray doesn’t have a tumor. He thinks it is something put there by reptilian aliens.

Ivana’s Leaky I.O. Group
Henry bitches to Lauren that he can’t get more info out of Jackie King’s I.O. group. It seems as if everyone knows what is going in Ivana Baiul’s group. We’ve seen her talk very candidly over the phone with people about the goings on of I.O., so this is hardly surprising.

Jenny’s Age
120ishAlright, in this new universe we need to stop seeing Jenny Mei Sparks as a “Jenny” or a Century Baby. She’s 120ish and stated in past issues a Techne, and her “lineage” or “line” includes a woman named Joan. But yeah, she says shes 120yrs old, give or take a few years. We also see that Jenny Mei Sparks isn’t too different to the old Jenny Sparks as they both disappeared into drunkenness for a time and lost track of the world.

Where Jenny Comes From
Swift reveals to Jenny that she comes from a machine developed by an alien. And her purpose is to protect the Earth.

Pris Didn’t Know Things, But She Does Now!
PrisGetsACluePris sees the Mayor dive into the street and it freaks her out, but not for the obvious reasons. We’ve suspected that Pris knows some of the secret stuff that has been going on around her, based on her music videos. We have now found out that Pris didn’t think any of that was “for real for real.” It was just interesting conspiracy theory stuff that she was into, but she didn’t think there were really aliens. But now… now she believes, and now, finding out that what all she’s learned is true, she’s knows there’s a war coming!

DCU Connections

DJ Beast Boy
There is mention of a DJ named DJ Beast Boy. It is unknown if it is this universe’s version of Garfield Logan as a DJ or if it is a DJ that named himself after the character from the “Doom Patrol” TV show we saw advertised on the Galaxy Network in issue 3. Either is plausible for such a passing comment.

One Last Thing
The story is starting to come together. Jenny was created by the Daemon to save the Earth. The Khera are stranded on Earth during a mission that they have not been forthright about. We’ve seen Lucy and the Daemon together, and they’re not exactly on good terms. Did the Daemon set up the Techne machine to create beings to save the Earth from Khera invasion? Is Jenny predisposed to fight against our fledgling WildCATs team? Is this going to be the line drawn in the sand that will move Angie from Jacob’s team to one with Shen and Jenny, her dislike of aliens? When will the Mayor meet up with those women? Will Jackie King and Christine Trelane meet up, fall in love and go to work for Shen & Jenny, pooling their secret knowledge into this makeshift Authority? Will Lucy and Pris ever meet up with and join Jacob’s team? I’m kind of super excited!

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WSU vs. Michael Cray 3

The Wild Storm - Michael Cray (2017-) 003-000I know, the main point of this blog is to talk about the continuity of WildStorm Universe as it was from ’92 – ’11… but I really like doing this compare and contrast thing, and frankly, looking at the view numbers, you readers do too! Admittedly, I have no idea where Hill, Harris, and Ellis are going with this new series, and honestly, I couldn’t be more on board with what this team is bringing. I just thought I’d have some fun, point out some of the references/differences from the old WSU to the new book “Michael Cray” that came out last week.


New vs. Old

Cray’s Battle Souvenirs
greenprizecrayisahalfdaemonitelordIn this issue, we see that Michael Cray keeps a trophy shelf of sorts. It looks like it is mainly from folks that he has battled before. The old WSU version of Cray wasn’t too big on collecting prizes from fights fought, but he did once. Quite famously too! A little something that he picked up in the wilds of Nicaragua that became important in the “WildStorm Rising” crossover.


Dr. Shahi / Cray’s Powers
Getting to know a bit more about Dr. Shahi as well as Cray’s powers in a single scene. He’s trying to manifest his explosions by thinking of Oliver Queen from the last issue. It isn’t working. Then he starts to think about hooking up with Dr. Shahi and boom goes the dynamite. This tells us that there must be some kind of emotional component and maybe on of proximity? Also, Dr. Shahi gets a recording of what Cray was thinking of… when she sees it is her she smiles. Not sure if it’s a sinister smile or a sincere one. We’re keeping an eye on her.

Michael’s Relationship with His Father
We have another scene of Michael and his dad and his dad offering him advice. The old WSU version of Cray didn’t have as much time with his dad, so it is nice to see them interact as full grown adults. This scene is my favorite in this issue, and I’d add a panel, but you should really just pick up the book and read it.

DCU Connections

Barry Allen / the Flash
itsaspeedsuitdeanOk, gone is the bright red suit, replaced with something more akin to a scuba diving get up. Not only that, but this version of Barry takes drugs along with using the tech of his suit to achieve super speeds. Also, this version of Barry seems to have a split personality and is legit crazy from those drugs he’s taking.

Boston / Central City
We saw this in the last issues too, but it is worth pointing out, “Michael Cray” takes place in “the real world” as opposed to one with fictional DCU cities. While San Fransisco is very similar to Star City, Central City is supposed to be a Midwestern town, not so much Boston. Not that it matters, just something worth pointing out.

One Last Thing

Ok yeah, the trophy case! Am I the only one having trouble figuring out all those items? We have the obvious green arrow from Oliver Queen, and I figure that’s a boomerang from Captain Boomerang and that the noose and bag-head mask are from a Scarecrow-like character (that or Michael Cray found a way to kill this universe’s version of Astro City’s Hangman.) The wristbands remind me of those of the Wonder Woman analogue from “Planetary” issue 10, and finally, I’d like to think that mechanical foot used to belong to Marc Slayton. I’m 100% sure that some of my guesses are wrong, but that’s what makes it fun. Also, I have no clue about the gun, the eye, the belt or the mechanical bit in the upper left. The blade could be a coda blade maybe? And both masks look almost too familiar, but I’m not placing them! See, fun!

Other comparisons of the old WildStorm Universe to the new one found in “The Wild Storm” & “Michael Cray.”

“Backlash” 17 & 18

This entry covers “Backlash” issues 17 and 18 by Sean Ruffner, Brett Booth, Mel Rubi, John Tighe, Mark Irwin and Mark Pennington.

backlash_017Slayton is feeling odd ever since he woke up to save the day against that space-vampire. Where can a guy go to see what’s up with his crazy bod? Why not the guy who’s been like a doctor to you for the last several years? That’s right, Slayton drops in on his old pal Link from StormWatch. Link is happy to oblige, as well as meet Jodi and Amanda.

As soon as the tests are concluded StormWatch shows up to… well I guess to take Slayton in for being a wanted felon. Not only that, but they’re none too keen to find out that Slayton had, at some point, been funneling information about StormWatch to I/O. They even accuse him of being glad that LaSalle is dead because she was on to him. But ultimately the StormWatch team cannot take down the man who trained them.

While Slayton was taking down the StormWatch kids, Amanda and Jodi were busy stealing their transport ship. As soon as Slayton is finished with Jackson, Link tells him to get the heck out of there, so Slayton, Amanda and Jodi fly off in their ill gotten jet. The flight doesn’t last long as Slayton gets a call from Cray to meet up with the other Team 7 members in New York. Now if Slayton had thought to ask Cray, he would’ve known that kids were invited to this party, but he didn’t and so he drops Amanda and Jodi off at the nearest payphone and leaves.

backlash_018Amanda calls up CyberJack to get back to the safe house and hears that he’ll be staying in Gamorra longer than previously thought, but they are free to stay at the safe-house as long as they need. Amanda immediately picks up on the fact that there’s something wrong with this message. In it, Jack calls her Taboo. Jack never calls her Taboo. This can only mean one thing: Girls Weekend Trip in Gamorra!

I wish I had more to say about these issues, but really, unlike other “Backlash” stories there isn’t too much going on plot wise. Character development wise? Yeah, it’s in there. Seeing Slayton have to take on his former students? It’s rad as hell, especially when we have Rubi and Booth drawing it for us. But when it comes to a the type of recaps I do here, it looks a lot more slight than the book actually is. I have to say, it was really fun to see StormWatch vs. Slayton before we get to “Fire from Heaven” and it’s StormWatch vs. Everyone for a bit. It’s like a preview of what’s to come.

Continuity Corner:

  • When Link is examining Slayton they find that Slayton’s Kherubim blood has mostly burned out all the Gen-Factor in his system, which explains why LeGauche couldn’t get much off him in “Deathblow” volume one issue 23.
  • Slayton will catch up with Cray, Lynch, Cash, Dane and the Gen13 kids near the end of “Deathblow” volume one issue 24.
  • Seeing the stealth suits that StormWatch put on for this issue made me angry that they don’t really stick around. For the most part they are just streamlined and better looking versions of their current outfits. Except for Fahrenheit. That isn’t a good look, it’s far too basic and boring. Her original outfit is awesome and I’ll forever miss it when she abandons it completely after “Fire from Heaven.”
  • After their beat down, the StormWatch team heads back to the U.N. StormWatch base in “StormWatch” volume one issue 34.

NEXT (if you need to get back to “StormWatch” 34): “StormWatch” volume one issue 34 by H.K. Proger, Renato Arlem, and Joe Pimentel.

NEXT (if you already finished “StormWatch” 34): “WildStorm!” issue 4 by Michael Jan Friedman, Merv, Sarah Becker, Ryan Odagawa, Tom Raney, Randy Green, Mark McKenna, Randy Elliot, John Tighe and Rich Ketchum.

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