02 – Fire from Heaven

Grifter Vol. 1 issues 2 – 6
Union Vol. 2 issues 5 – 6
Backlash issues 9 – 11
Wildcats : Ladytron
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issue 21 – 22
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 23
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 23.5
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 24 (pages 1 – 10)
Overstreet Fan issue 2 : Despot & Strafe : Homecoming
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 24 (pages 11 – 22)
StormWatch Vol. 1 issues 26 – 27
Gen13 : Ordinary Heroes issues 1 – 2
Wetworks Vol. 1 issues 9 – 11
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 3 – 5
Lynch issue 1
Deathblow Vol. 1 issues 17 – 19
Deathblow/Cybernary Vol. 1 issues 1 – 3 (the Cybernary stories)
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 4 (the Cybernary story)
Cybernary Vol. 1 issue 1
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 6 – 7
Deathblow Vol. 1 issues 20 – 21
Wetworks Vol. 1 issues 12 – 13
Wetworks Vol. 1 issue 14 (main story)
Wetworks Vol. 1 issue 15
Wetworks Vol. 1 issue 14 (Fieldtest / Fire From Heaven Prelude)
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 22
Grifter Vol. 1 issues 7 – 10
Stormwatch Vol. 1 issues 28 – 29
Union Vol. 2 issues 7 – 9
Union : Final Vengeance
Overstreet’s Fan issue 6 : Cybernary : the Price
Cybernary Vol. 1 issues  2- 5
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 30 – 33
Backlash issues 12 – 14
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 23
Backlash issues 15 – 16
Grifter Vol. 2 issue 1
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 34 (pages 1 – 18)
Backlash issues 17 – 18
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 34 (pages 19 – 23)
WildStorm! issue 4
Black Ops issues 1 – 2
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issues 23 – 24
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 24 (pages 1 – 17)
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 8 – 9
Brass Vol. 1 issues 1 – 3
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 24 (pages 18 – 23)
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 25
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issues 25 – 28
Fire from Heaven issue 1/2
Sword of Damocles issue 1
Sigma issue 1
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 26
Fire from Heaven issue 1
Backlash issue 19
Gen13 Vol. 2 issue 10
Wetworks Vol. 1 issue 16
StormWatch Vol. 1 issue 35
Sigma issue 2
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issue 29
Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 27
Gen13 Vol. 2 issue 11
Backlash issue 20
Wetworks Vol. 1 issue 17
Stormwatch Vol. 1 issue 36
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issue 30
Sigma issue 3
Sword of Damocles issue 2
Fire from Heaven issue 2
Deathblow issues 28

Last Edited & Updated : June 14th, 2018

12 thoughts on “02 – Fire from Heaven”

    1. “WildStorm” 4 is listed above and “WildStorm” 1 – 3 are in the “Wildstorm Rising” section. As far as I know, this way they can be read w/o pulling all the stories out. I’ll find out upon re-read, but they should be good where I’ve listed them.


  1. Just finished this part of the order, and generally speaking, nice job. Two things:

    1) The letters page of Deathblow #26 [http://postimg.org/image/4hfv2f40d/] outlines the tight continuity of the previous few months of Team 7 crossovers pretty well, and your guide does a good job of filling in the appropriate gaps. It reads fine the way you have it, but I was wondering if you had any specific reasons for shuffling the issues around. You have Gen13 #6-7 placed before Deathblow #20-21 instead of afterward. You have Gen13 #8-9 before WildC.A.T.s #25 instead of before Deathblow #23. You have Wetworks #15 take place before Deathblow #20 and not after Deathblow #23. You have Stormwatch #34 prior to Deathblow #23 and not between Backlash #16 and 17.

    Again, it read fine the way you have it. I’m just curious why you chose to shuffle things around a bit.

    2) You have a few Gen13 odds and ends thrown in this section that spoil revelations about Burnout’s family revealed in the Fire from Heaven Crossover. These include: Gen13: Interactive #1-3, Gen13: Magical Drama Queen Roxy #1-3 (funny stuff, btw), Gen13: Wired, and Gen13 Annual 1997.

    Gen13: Wired has a “see Gen13 #18” note on the last page so maybe these should be placed somewhere around there in the New Horizons section?


    1. First, thanks, glad things worked pretty well!

      1. Based on that “Deathblow” order, I originally had read it like that, but it was either a story telling flow or a few things being impossible to happen in the background that caused me to tweak it. I’ll have to get back to that after work today and review the issues, but there was a good reason for swapping a few things around, at least when I did that several months ago as I read through them. Off the top of my head, I know that I placed “Gen13” 6 – 7 before “Deathblow” 20 because it seemed like the kids went straight from the Coda Island to Rome without stopping back in America at all, so I wanted them going from Rome to American and then meeting up with Deathblow in his book. If I recall “Gen 13” 8 – 9 take place back in California, and in that book Lynch gets a call from Cray or Cole that he’s needed in New York and the whole team goes. Cray and Cole are talking about the mission they’ll go on in “WildCATs” 25, and Grunge is in the background of one shot trying to get served (and turned down) at Clark’s Bar. Gen13 kind of appears out of nowhere in “Deathblow” 24 so I just figured they were already in New York when Grunge took off to try and score a beer. “WildCATs” 25 and “Deathblow” 24 take place at roughly the same time, the only reason I put “WildCATs” first is that I liked keeping that Grunge sight gag in continuity a bit more. Oh, and the “Wetworks” stuff is a mess, so splitting up issue 15 between the 2 stories in 14 makes stuff work better. I mean, we see Dane start to work w/ Cray in NYC and then suddenly he’s back with Wetworks for a single training exercise before being back with Cray in NYC like he never left? Didn’t make a lot of sense to me in the narrative.

      2. Dammit! This is what happens when I come to across these side issues later and forget when a few things, like Bobby’s parents are revealed! Looks like I’ll have to find a good place for some of those books. The big problem is trying to find where, as they mostly take place in La Jolla, CA when Lynch is still around. “Interactive will have to move, which also means that “Wired” will have to move as well. “Wired” is a troubled book because it was published so far after when it could’ve happened, as Gen13 were currently in the Florida Keys being mentored by Alex Fairchild when it came out. I’ll have to double check with “Magically Queen Roxy” as I don’t remember too much actual continuity affecting that book. I put the 1997 Annual there because I figured a good place for it would be was on their way from the Coda island to Rome, but if there’s spoilers, eh, I’m gonna have to find a better place. Either the “Shattered Image” or “New Horrizons” sections may indeed work better.


    1. I agree… I just need to finish the series and find the right place to plug it in. It too me a bit of time to find that series to be honest, so it wasn’t part of my initial read through/mapping.


    1. No, no need to read it at all. Feel free to skip it! “Black Ops” is even an odd fit here, to tell the truth. But the first 2 issues take place while Miles Craven is still alive, and the last 3 issue take place after his passing. I’ve toyed with moving those issues after “Deathblow” v1 #25 to be closer to the first 2, but it kind of kills the momentum that whole line is building to. It might be best to read “Black Ops” before you get to “DV8 vs. Black Ops” so you know the characters, but if I recall it isn’t necessary. “Black Ops” is kind of one of those books that didn’t make a big impression on the WSU landscape but was none the less tied into its world, more like “Psi-Tech” and “the Patriots.”


  2. Why isn’t “THE LONE ONE: A TALE EVERY VAMPIRE KNOWS” series of back-up stories from “Wetworks” volume one issues 7, 9, 10 and 11 listed here?


    1. Honestly, because I kinda like having that as a bit of an Easter Egg for the type of folks that’ll follow the links at the bottom of each entry to the next. I know that’s not “proper” but it’s kinda fun, right?


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