07 – Coup D’etat

the Authority : Human on the Inside
Point Blank issues 1 – 5
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 70 – 74
Wildcats Version 3.0 issues 1 – 6
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 75 – 77
Stormwatch : Team Achilles issues 1 – 6
Gen13 Vol. 3 issues 0 – 6
21 Down issues 1 – 6
the Authority : More Kev issues 1 – 4
the Authority : Scorched Earth
Black Sun issues 1 – 6
Sleeper Season 1 issues 1 – 6
Wildcats Version 3.0 issues 7 – 10
Stormwatch : Team Achilles issues 7 – 10
Gen13 Vol. 3 issues 7 – 11
21 Down issues 7 – 12
the Authority Vol. 2 issues 0 – 5
Wildcats Version 3.0 issues 11 – 15
Stormwatch : Team Achilles issues 11 – 13
Gen13 Vol. 3 issues 12 – 16
Wildcats Version 3.0 issues 16 – 18
Sleeper Season 1 issues 7 – 12
Stormwatch : Team Achilles issues 14 – 19
the Authority Vol. 2 issues 6 – 9
Coup D’Etat : Sleeper
Coup D’Etat : Stormwatch : Team Achilles
Coup D’Etat : Wildcats
Coup D’Etat : the Authority
Coup D’Etat : Afterword

6 thoughts on “07 – Coup D’etat”

  1. Hey! So excited to find your site. I’m looking forward to the later books. It’s been a while since I read this universe, and I need to buy a sizable chunk of back issues. I do question some groupings of single title runs, where they were “done in one’s.”. But I love your dedication, and look forward to being able to better at comparing notes.


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    1. Welcome to the site Mark! Thanks for checking it out! If you have any questions I usually have a half decent excuse for the order I put things in (unless I made a typo). I love being questioned about what I came up with, only because a few times it has reminded me of things I forgot about and helped to shape things up a tiny bit better!


  2. Hey, bryanjose! So I’m about to begin Wildcats 3.0 issues 13-18 and I’m wondering why you included stuff like Black Sun, and later Wild Girl, in the reading order. When I tried researching them online, the few posts I saw said that they had very little to do with the overall WSU. Were they incorrect and should these be more series that I hunt down? Thanks!


    1. When I originally constructed this I wad trying to make everything fit that I saw as part of the WildStorm Universe, but there are a few minor things I should remove. “Wild Girl” can be pulled right out, no real need to read it. The main character from “Black Sun” does reappear in the WSU in a team book, but I can’t remember which one right now.


      1. In that case I’ll give Black Sun a look at, thanks! When I started buying WildStorm books my initial plan was just to collect everything Authority, but I bought all of Majestic’s books on a whim at a shop and I now have a near-complete shelf of every TPB available from Ellis’ Stormwatch onwards! Thanks again for putting in and continuing to work on this!

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