the Chronology of the WSU (aka the Reading Order)

This is the order of events in the WildStorm Universe that informed the reading order and the blog.

The Chronology is always subject to change when I find things that I may’ve missed the first time I “put it in order.” Helping me out with the order is reader “gfsdf gfbd” who is reading ahead and finding a flaws along with ways to fix the narrative.

The Chronology includes these major acts:
the Pre-History of the WildStorm Universe
the Events Leading to WildStorm Rising
the Events Leading to Fire from Heaven
the Events Occurring Prior to Shattered Image
the WildStorm Universe goes to New Horizons
the Events Occurring Prior to Devil’s Night
the Eye of the Storm a.k.a. the Mid-Act of the WildStorm Saga
the Events Leading to Coup D’etat
the Events Leading to Armageddon
the WorldStorm
the Events Leading to the Number of the Beast
the Events Occurring After the Fall of the WildStorm Universe
the End of the WildStorm Universe

7 thoughts on “the Chronology of the WSU (aka the Reading Order)”

  1. Thanks for this, I’m the one crazy person wh oactualyl wants to read Wildstor from the beginning, so this is very helpful.


  2. I have been meticulously following your breakdown and trying to track down old back issues and tpbs. This is awesome and really shows how – even with awkward crisscrossing with Image and Top Cow titles – fully formed this universe was. It doesn’t all hold up, but a lot of it does. Having a house style and clear vision brings a lot of artistic and storytelling consistency. I hope you will pick this project back up and keep going. I really love your summaries and insights


  3. Where does the Eye of the Storm Annual fall in this order. It’s the only book I haven’t seen listed.


    1. That one is an odd book. I only have rough ideas for where the stories fall, and the first 2 seem solidly after the 2006 soft reboot, and I’m not sure about the rest. There are a few other missing books here and there, and it is largely for the same reasons, they’re books of shorts, and I’m not sure where all those shorts should be going!


      1. Off the top of my head, the Zealot & Authority stories from the Winter Special, all 3 Gen 13 prose novels, Gen13 Yearbook, and the Gen13 3D Special. Probably more odd little one off books that I’m not thinking of right now, or haven’t heard of!


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