13 thoughts on “00 – Pre-History”

    1. Nah, “Dissavoed” goes later later. But there are flash back scenes that take place in the mid ’80s by my guess! I’m still working it out, as well as if to include “Wynonna Earp” or not. I’m half way through it, and so far I can’t find anything that says it can’t work (much like “Wild Girl”) and besides, someone should fight a few vampires while Wetworks is on a break.


  1. Hey, awesome site! Coincidentally, I started reading through Wildstorm for the first time one week ago. I was using a not as good order, though (http://www.comicbookdb.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1356&sid=92fc3c811f71dc996b59b7c716954b44&start=15).

    Anyway, just finished Wildstorm Rising. Good stuff. I plan on using your reading order/chronology for the rest, so thanks again.

    P.S. Do you think Team Zero can be read first here? It’s not a framed flashback, but it also doesn’t really add much to the over all story, I think.


    1. First, welcome to the WildStorm Universe! It’s a fun ride! Second, I started with that same run down and started tweeking it from there and adding books that were left out. Lastly, there’s still some books that I’m trying to fit in, and the books in the “New Horizons” and the “Eye of the Storm” could be rearranged a bit I think.

      P.S. in 2006 the WSU reboots and retcons in a bunch of heroes in its history, I put “Team Zero” in there. A story from a slightly different WSU.


      1. I don’t know if there’s any official stance on that actually, but that’s what I’m thinking, just to make sense of it all! “Team Zero” did start coming out while the “Capt. Atom : Armageddon” story was wrapping up though, so it may’ve been the intention, but unless anyone from WildStorm says so, this is what I think.


    1. Soldier’s Story totally goes here. Everything about that story is Oct. 1950. It might be better to read it in context where it is, but this could go either way. “The Price” on the other hand starts off with “Once upon a time” which reads to me as if it is a flash back of sorts. Also, the narrative seems to require that it comes at the end of issues 10 – 13’s arc. Of those backups “Soldier’s Story” lifts out, “Interlude: Mr. Majestic” is a huge clarification bit, and “the Price” is necessary. Being that “the Price” is written by Claremont, I feel it needs to be read in the whole with his arc as is, while the 2 backups by H.K. Proger are bits of continuity porn for goofs like us.


  2. I wanna try add this into a semi close timeline by year. Sorted that way I can incorporate Topcow and other Image Things such as The darkness and witchblade, Spawn, Youngblood, Wetworks and so-on. When the reboot and retcon happens I assumed that would be during “Devils Reign” from Witchblade or the Topcow reboot or even during the Artifacts time. It could also happen during “Shattered Image” or the “Fusion” crossover.
    So my question is dv8 and gen 13 where do they start including spin offs and crossovers like genx /gen 13?
    What year some of these take place? Is there a way to sort by year or era ?


  3. hey i just started reading this order and i just wanna know i’m wildcats vol 1 issue 2 is that Dane we see in the tube?


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