12 – World’s End

the Authority Vol. 5 issues 20 – 22
WildCats Vol. 5 issues 22 – 25
Gen13 Vol. 4 issues 35 – 39
the Authority Vol. 5 issues 23 – 25
Wetworks : Mutations
the Authority Vol. 5 issues 26 – 29
WildCats Vol. 5 issues 26 – 30
DV8 : Gods and Monsters issues 1 – 8
WildStorm : A Celebration of 25 Years : Better Days

last updated : January 10th, 2018

2 thoughts on “12 – World’s End”

  1. Feels weird to place DV8 as the last item of the Wildstorm saga when it’s clearly meant to be Wildcats #30. What’s more, DV8 takes place just after Worldstorm, as evidenced by King wearing his PHD clothes.


    1. Not going to lie, it does feel odd, as you’re correct, “WildCats” Vol. 5 #30 is the clear end, but I’m sure that “DV8 : Gods and Monsters” happens after. I know, it is crazy, but I looked at the story like this, Jackson and Midnighter are using the Carrier to gather information on new worlds, for possible planetary migration, and to see if any of the members of DV8 would prove themselves worthy of being part of the new society Jackson and Midnighter are building. For WorldStorm and the ending of the WildStorm U, the Carrier is either stuck on the ground in London, or is following a preprogrammed flight to it’s home planet, at no time does anyone have control over it, except this story.

      I really do think that when “DV8 : Gods and Monsters” was starting, it was intended to be the beginning of the next chapter in the history of the WSU, but during it’s run DC and Lee decided to fold on WildStorm, leaving this series, if you will, flapping in the breeze.

      In my eyes everything in this series has to happen after the Carrier is back from the end of “the Authority” Vol. 5 #29, as we need the Carrier to be up and in command of the “heroes.” I see the series, if you will pardon the pun, a coda to the WSU. Just a little something extra after the proper end.


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