06 – Eye of the Storm

Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 49 – 53
the Kindred Vol. 2 issues 1 – 4
Jezebelle issues 1 – 3
Deathblow : Byblows issues 1 – 3
Gen-Active issue 2
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 54 – 61
Jezebelle issues 4 – 6
Gen-Active issue 3
WildStorm Thunderbook
Gen-Active issue 4
Jet issues 1 – 4
Gen-Active issues 5 – 6
Cybernary 2.0 issues 1 – 6
Planetary issues 13 – 16
the Monarchy issues 1 – 4
Gen13 Vol. 2 issues 62 – 69
Wildcats Vol. 2 issues 14 – 19
the Authority Vol. 1 issues 22 – 26
the Monarchy issues 5 – 9
the Establishment issues 1 – 4
Planetary issues 17 – 20
Wildcats Vol. 2 issues 20 – 21
the Authority Vol. 1 issues 27 – 29
the Authority : Kev issue 1
the Monarchy issues 10 – 12
Planetary issues 21 – 23
the Establishment issues 5 – 7
Gen13 : Going West
Gen13 : Medicine Song
Gen13 : Science Friction
Wildcats Vol. 2 issues 22 – 28
Planetary issues 24 – 27
the Establishment issues 8 – 13

8 thoughts on “06 – Eye of the Storm”

  1. 1) Weird issue with Gen 13 #52, which I think you already took into account. (Spoilers ahead)

    Gen 13 #52 clearly takes place before Wildcats #10, as made evident by Emp’s appearance and the explicit footnote. Te problem is, of course, Lobdell’s jokey line about Emp being “late fer a big death scene over in Wildcats.” And upon closer look, it seems both issues came out June 2000…. So I guess the official answer is Gen13 #52 takes place first chronologically but latter reading order-wise? Frustrating.

    2) Gen-Active 2 has a footnote that places the Gen13/DV8 story “prior to the events of Authority #17, obviously.” I assume this is due to the fully intact NYC the story is set in. So I suppose Authority #17-20 could be placed immediately after.

    BUT, the problem is other issues take place after this with an intact NYC (Brass vol2 and Gen13 # 61 among them). I’m reading through Wildstorm for the first time, so I don’t know how explicitly the world-changing events of Authority #17-20 will be addressed in other titles. But, considering the ridiculous amount of power The Doctor and others have at this point, is a global recovery-and-mindwipe so out of the question? Kind of silly of me to be addressing this issue before I even read the next Authority arc, but it’s something that’s bugging me. Mark Miller can tell a great story when he feels like it, but he’s usually pretty awful about working within a shared universe with a “world-outside-your-window” thing going on (See his early Ultimate Marvel work).



    1. 1) yeah, I thought I got that one covered, but I’ll see what it is like once I get to it. I’m sure there’s plenty of problems big and small that I didn’t notice my first time though, it was kind of a rough structure. In re-reading for the formal blog entries, I’m finding problems back at the beginning that I’m fixing now! Seriously, as of this moment I have no idea where “StormWatch” Special #1 fits in.

      2) Damn that Authority! Yeah… if NYC is destroyed that makes a big problem… but I’m pretty sure that NYC is intact in the Authority issue 21… hrm… I swear we’ll figure this out! I say “we” because you’re very on top of things, and it is a pleasure discussing these crazy comics with you!


    2. This is where I am currently in my WildStorm read through and while I don’t have every title, it’s been such a great damn time exploring these comics and this universe. Currently finished up Wildcats issues 20-21, very excited to finish up Millar’s run for the second time. Thanks so much for having dedicated so much time towards creating this huge enterprise!

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    1. Ah, thanks, Authority usually arcs in 4 issues, but 22 is part one of “Brave New World” and then suddenly 23 is part one of “Transfer of Power” with 24, 25 and 26 being part two though three of that arc, and “Brave New World” picks back up in 27 with part two, and then 28 and 29 being parts three and four. So when I started putting this together I blanked and just put them in 4 issue arcs and split them up like that forgetting that the issues themselves aren’t split up like that. Thanks again for your input!


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