03 – Towards New Horizons

under heavy reconstruction, reader beware

Deathblow Vol. 1 issue 29
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issues 31 – 34
Gen12 issues 1 – 2
Hazard issues 1 – 4
Black Ops issues 3 – 5
Grifter Vol. 2 issues 2 – 4
JLA/WildC.A.T.s : Crime Machine
Stormwatch Vol. 1 issues 37 & 38
DV8 Vol. 1 issues 1 & 2
Hazard issues 5 – 7
Stormwatch Vol. 1 issues 39 & 40
DV8 Vol. 1 issue 3 & 4
Gen13: Series 1 Trading Card Base Set cards 73 – 81
Gen13 : Interactive issues 1 – 3
DV8 Vol. 1 issue 1/2
DV8 Vol. 1 issue 5
Backlash 21 – 23
Grifter Vol. 2 issues 5 – 7
Gen13 Bootleg issues 1 – 4
Wetworks Vol. 1 issues 18 – 20
Stormwatch Vol. 1 issues 41 – 42
WildStorm Spotlight issue 4
Backlash issues 24 – 26
Stormwatch Vol. 1 issues 43 – 45
DV8 issues 6 – 8
Gen12 issues 3 – 5
Grifter Vol. 2 issues 8 – 10
WildStorm Halloween : Trilogy of Terror : Wetworks : Berserker
Wetworks Vol. 1 issues 21 – 25
Allegra issues 1 – 4
Gen13 : Magical Drama Queen Roxy issues 1 – 3
Gen13 : Wired issue 1
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 issues 35 – 36
Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s : Spartan vs. Helspont Special Edition issue 1
WildStorm Spotlight issues 1 – 3

Last Edited & Updated : June 22nd, 2021

15 thoughts on “03 – Towards New Horizons”

  1. You should put the Gen 13 Yearbook ’97, the Gen 13 3-D Special, Lynch #1, and the Gen 13 Bootleg Annual somewhere.


    1. I always forget that the Gen13 Yearbook is basically a prose book w/ pinups, and has some “story” to it unlike Gen13: Rave. I have the Gen13 3-D Specail but I forgot all about it! I’m pulling it out to read and I’ll hopefully find a good place for it soon. Still looking for a good place for Lynch, basically I need to go reread a few Gen13 books to know where to place it exactly. The Gen13: Bootleg Annual is in the “New Horizons” section, but I forgot to list it, it’s been updated so it is now listed.


      1. I put Lynch between Gen13 v2 01 and 02. The photo of Lynch and Helmut on page six of issue one make a good intro to the Lynch story. So when we read issue two we have a better appreciation of the motives of Helmut and what Defile was talking about.


      2. I eventually put it after issue 5 of the second volume. I do this because we’re not introduced to the narrator of that story until Vol. 2 #3. The narrator states that seeing Lynch again is what reminded her of the story. Also issues #3 – 5 are part of a pretty tight story arc, so it fits best after #5.


  2. Isn’t WildStorm Spotlight #1 the Majestic story by Alan Moore set in the far future? Not sure it goes where you placed it.


    1. I originally had this at the far end after everything else, but the entirety of “the Establishment” requires you to know that story for it to make as little sense as it makes. I begrudgingly put it with the 2 “Loner” WildStorm Spotlights because that was the best I could come up with.


    1. I’d have to read it to be sure, as I’ve never seen those books, so I’ll have to track them down. I’d maybe put it after “Black Ops” 3-5 because I already hate how “Fire from Heaven” breaks up that story as it is.


  3. Two very minor things:

    1) Hazard #7 spoils Prism exiting Stormwatch in Stormwatch #37. I suggest Stormwatch #37-40 between Hazzard #4 and 5 or #5 and 6 (due to nice gaps in Hazard’s story).

    2) WildCATS # 34 ends with Fuji having undergone massive emotional trauma. But his next appearance is in the immediately subsequent Stormwatch #41 with no mention of his recovery.

    Now on one hand, to the best of my knowledge, there is NEVER any mention of Fuji’s recovery. So I guess it’s kind of a non-issue. But, I suggest you simply switch WildCATs #31-34 with Stormwatch# 41-42. That way, there is a loooooong gap (~90 issues!) between Fuji’s trauma in WildCats # 34 and his then-next appearance in Stormwatch #46.


    1. 1) I read “Hazard” way after everything else, and was trying to find a good place for it. I knew it had to come in on the heels of “Fire from Heaven” but I forgot about the Prism cameo! THANK YOU! I found “Hazard” to be a bit of a slog to get through, so when I inserted it, I just put it all as one chunk to get it done. Correct me if I’m wrong, but “Hazzard” 1 – 5 takes place over a single day, right? So I’ll break it up between 5 & 6!

      2) UGH! The very intention was to put some distance between the end of “WildCATs” #34 and Fuji’s next appearance for that very reason! I can’t believe I biffed it here! I wonder if my notes have these flipped to what you’re suggesting or if I wrote it down wrong to begin with!

      Again, thanks so much gfsdf gfbd, you’ve been pretty invaluable to this whole blog/time line thing!


      1. 1) Ugh… slog is putting it nicely. I’d put it down there with Black Ops.

        And no problem! It’s been a lot of fun. Get in touch if there’s any other way I can help out.


      1. Not that I saw but could fit in it.
        Where would freakforce show as they have a cyberforce crossover?
        Is there a sci-tech spot or is there any crossover?


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